Monster Hunter World: Release Date, Test, Tips – FAQ with all info

Monster Hunter World: Release Date, Test, Tips - FAQ with all info

Monster Hunter World: Release Date, Test, Tips – FAQ with all info

Monster Hunter World: Release Date for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Tips Test, Multiplayer Mode – All info in our FAQ on Capcom’s Action RPG at a glance. On top of all that, we offer you a practical video FAQ with many details about the story, combat system and much more. While console players may already start the adventure, PC owners unfortunately have to be patient. Everything you need to know in this special.

Monster Hunter World ( buy now for € 59.90 ) for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in a big overview: In our comprehensive FAQ, we offer you all the details on the Action RPG of Capcom. In addition to the release date of the console and the PC version you will also learn about the Day-One patch 1.01, the multiplayer mode or the pre-load appointments via Playstation Store for PS4 or Xbox Live for Xbox One. At the moment we are working on our test for the new Monster Hunter offshoot. Look over here again and again. In addition, we also work on tips for adventure, which we present to you on the release date. For more details, check out our theme page on Monster Hunter World.

FAQ video with lots of information about the launch of Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Release Date – When’s the PC Version?

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World will officially be released on January 26, 2018 – but initially only for the consoles PS4 and Xbox One. At the end of this year, the manufacturer wants to add the PC version, but there is not yet a specific release date . Capcom would like to deal only after publication of the console version with the PC offshoot. You either buy the game as a disc version at the game retailer of your choice or in consumer electronics stores like Saturn or Media Markt. Online retailers such as Amazon may also offer digital versions in the form of download codes for PS4 or Xbox One. You can also download the game via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Monster Hunter World in Test – Outstanding Ratings

Capcom’s role-playing masterpiece scores lots of hit ratings in the reviews around the virtual globe. In our test overview to Monster Hunter World you will find many impressions summarized. Of course, we have already tested the Epost and offer you our conclusion including the rating in the reviews of the action RPGs . The developers manage to make the first Monster Hunter offshoot for PS4 and Xbox One beginner-friendly. Both pros and series newcomers quickly come into play and hunt for fantastically designed monsters. All in all, the game has more than earned our hit rating.

Download sizes and pre-load phase

Compared to other games, the download size of Monster Hunter World is very moderate. On the PS4 via PlayStation Network you download about 15.4 gigabytes of data down. The Xbox One via Xbox Live is only 13.6 GB. Both versions may already be downloaded from the online networks of the console manufacturer Sony respectively Microsoft. As can be seen from the Microsoft Store, buyers of the digital version for Xbox One will start on Friday, January 26, at 0:00.

Day-One-Patch 1.01 for download

Like most games, Monster Hunter World gets a Day-One patch, version 1.01, just in time for the release. Download size for the update 1.01 is 815 megabytes – on both PS4 and Xbox One. We already have all the details for the Day One patch for Capcom’s action RPGsummarized. For example, the update will unlock multiplayer, event quests, chat, and other online features in Monster Hunter World. In addition, Add-Ons or Downal Content may be requested through the Housekeeper in your room in Astera. Last but not least: The house pig Poogie is a household name to Monster Hunter veterans. With the update, the sweet little creature appears in Astera. If you caress it in the right way, you will make friends and possibly get rewards.

Beginners tips for the perfect start

We already played the action role-playing game. So that you find your way around the game, we summarize the basics. First, you should not be deterred by the many menus and submenus. Choose a suitable weapon in the training area of your home. In the object chest you will find a standard version of each type of weapon to the test. Then you play the first few main quests to familiarize yourself with building the game. For more tips, check out our helpful beginner’s guide to Monster Hunter World !

Monster Hunter World – Important items and their locations

Monster Hunter World Official Trailer:

Monster Hunter World: Fusium Ore, Sublime Horn, Wyvern Egg – Tips on Item Locations

Create hunting groups & more – tips for the online mode

Professionals will find their way around easily in Monster Hunter World. Newcomers, on the other hand, work their way into the subject first. The online mode of the Action RPG by Capcom is certainly no exception. Whether online sessions with friends, their own guilds or hunting groups or hunter distress signals, the number of features and game mechanics for a trouble-free co-op mode is great. We offer you an online guide with tips for Monster Hunter World , which introduces you to the matter and explains the main features of the multiplayer mode.

Game impressions in the preview

Shortly before the test for Monster Hunter World, we will again provide you with game impressions from the action role-playing game in a preview . Here you will learn fresh details about the combat system, the game world and more. On top of that we explain to you why you absolutely need the help of the research team in the “New World”. You analyze monsters, get details about their vulnerabilities, and get a comprehensive profile of your opponents to make your hunt as easy as possible. By the way: We also deliver the test on time for the release of the highly anticipated offshoot for PS4 and Xbox One.

What does the multiplayer mode offer?

The online system in Monster Hunter World leaves nothing to be desired. A total of four players participate in the monster hunts via PSN or Xbox Live – PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold provided. Here you set up your own hunting groups together with friends, meet in a hunter’s HUB or calls in hopeless combat situations by emergency signal other players to help. For each quest, you decide how many players you want to race with. If this is a hunt task, the strength of the monsters depends on the number of players. Before you start the quest with friends at the quest board in Astera, all players join first. Then you choose the starting point in one of the hunting camps of the levels and you are ready to start.

Collector’s Edition and PS4 Pro Bundle

Monster Hunter World appears alongside the Standard Edition as Collector’s Edition. This includes an artbook, the game and the soundtrack as well as a deluxe DLC kit and a statue of the monster Nergigante. Currently, the limited edition seems to be out of print. Neither the online retailer Amazon, Gamestop or other video game retailers, it is possible to order the special edition. Sony releases a PS4 Pro Bundle to Monster Hunter World . The specially branded console offers a 1TB hard drive. Also included are voucher codes for an original set armor, a wind talisman and a dynamic design.


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