Moneyville Game Free Download For PC (Android & iOS)


Moneyville Game Free Download For PC (Android & iOS)

Moneyville Game Free Download For PC (Android & iOS) | Mac Apk For Android | iOS | Laptop & Desktop | Step by Step Instruction How to Download Game “Moneyville” For PC (Windows 7 / Windows 8/ Windows 10) with Emulator – The Best Google Playstore Game Download!


The Moneyville game was originally launched in 2008 and is now available as app in the following languages:

Danish – Pengeby
Norwegian – Pengeby
Swedish – Penningborg
Finnish – Rahalaakso
Estonian – Rahamaa
Lithuanian – Pinigėnai
UK / Irish – Moneyville

Moneyville is a free, educational game for children between the ages of 5-9, but children both younger and older will also enjoy exploring Moneyville.

Through games, play and activity your child will learn what money is and what its value means. He or she will also be introduced to the difference between income and expenses – to earn money and to spend money.

There is a lot for your child to discover in Moneyville:

– Your child will have his or her first chance to earn money at the city gates, which need to be painted.
– They can also earn money at the apple stall or at the post office.
– They can help the farmer feed his animals and learn about basic mathematics.
– And they can use the money they earn on all kinds of fun things in Penny’s shop or travel back in time in the time machine.

Moneyville gives you as a parent or teacher an easy, entertaining and alternative way to talk to your child or student about money.

Moneyville has been developed in collaboration with leading experts from four different fields relevant to e-learning, including media experts, child psychologists, representatives from teaching organisations and online media experts.

Moneyville is developed by Danske Bank and is a part of Danske Bank’s Financial Literacy Program. The basis of the program is a belief that a higher level of financial literacy and education not only enriches the life of the individual but also contributes to healthy economic growth in the society. The Financial Literacy Program targets children, young people, parents and teachers with the aim of preparing the ground for a healthy financial start to adult life.

Since the launch of Moneyville in 2008, Danske Bank has expanded the Financial Literacy Program with several initiatives for the 5-27-year-olds including Control Your Money, an interactive website aimed at 10-15 year olds, Dream On, a social game for the 15-17 year-olds, Mind Your Money, an advisory website for young people and “0-18”, a website for parents about children and money.

The Moneyville app is free and requires no involvement with or association to Danske Bank. In addition, the Moneyville universe is entirely free of marketing, logos, colour schemes and the like that could be associated with the Danske Bank Group.

Welcome to Moneyville!

Moneyville Gameplay:

Moneyville Download Apk

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