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Read wrong life change! When the back of the game Mighty No 9 ( mighty number 9) lamented after just a box with a manual. But no shadow pad game!

It looks like the drama about Mighty No.9 is not going to be quiet with the breeze. Recently, a user posted on the Neogaf web site that there is a fundraiser ( backer ). The Mighty No.9 version of the game. But then what he got back was just a box of games that came in a flat plate. He had to pack it himself. With a manual book that does not fit the size of the game box. And most importantly … no game pads to come up with,  even if it says that they have a Physical back to be a game pad with it. (See the video below for the news.)


However, another user described that. This is not a break from the game. Because the team stated in the project details that the game has not been from the beginning. But this work is expected to be a more erratic reception. By the image below, it is stated that those who back up $ 60 or more will get a Physical Game Box, which, if translated literally. The game box is offline. Only if you look at the channel that is close to the red font that the Digital is a bully to misunderstand that the digital version is purely downloaded. The ones who do not have a digital back is a game disc.

Mighty No 9 Download


Originally posted 2017-08-14 00:20:03.

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