Micro Machines World Series

Micro Machines World Series

Now the trip has come to the tiny vehicles, the micro machines, these finely-modeled donations that have been fixed fixtures in many children’s rooms over the past decade.

The problem with the “Micro Machines World Series” is that it was more fun to sit down on the living room floor in the tailoring position, declare “Brum, Brum!” And scramble the parquet with all the actual miniature cars I used to have in the room.

For even with plenty of game releases, the brand “Micro Machines” still works as a toy. And the “World Series” is a fun-filled fun without any style or substance.


I’m not going to go around the porridge with this: “Micro Machines World Series” lacks content.

Even though the game is based on miniature vehicles and the crutches that occur in the micro-universe between the salt bush and your cheesecake, it does not mean that the game should be minimal on content.

For the solo player, it is almost nada and nothing to do, besides throwing some lane down against the computer-controlled opponents. Not even it is particularly rewarding, all the time the opponents artificial skill level is sky high.

Note my words: Without the PlayStation Plus, pay-as-you can subscribe to online gaming, “Micro Machines World Series” is a sad affair. At best, it is you against a mate on a limited number of courses, against an army of immortal computer-controlled drivers.

There are standard modes of race, battle, and elimination with minimal customization capabilities – it does not work as developers Codemasters have really tried.

Useful over network when it works

But yes, something is here.

If you have already bought “Micro Machines World Series”, it’s the refurbished game mode and online game that will be your sweet comfort.

Micro Machines World Series

A little news has been the space since the previous releases: Each vehicle has three unique skills – in addition to a pair of voice-based replies that are supposed to constitute a personality(note) – and these skills are tailored to combat.

It may be the bulldozer who sets up walls to keep the opponent out of the target area in a round of the King of the Hill, or it may be the truck that cools dynamite cubes into the worst milling targets to chase away the enemy.

With enough human opponents and fellow players, “World Series” may be quite enjoyable, with tight driving control combined with dirty tricks and lanes filled with fun details.

Unfortunately, the rarity of a game is corrupted by a lab matchmaking system and a limited number of active players – mostly I had to compete against one or two players, of which the remaining ten players were computer-controlled.

In other words, at this time, the online game in the “Micro Machines World Series” is not a good argument for signing up with this left-handed work.

It’s the nail in the coffin for a game that does not offer any career mode or grand Prix opportunity for solo players.


There are some aspects of gaming experiences that should be critically per se. And like many reviewers of the “Micro Machines World Series”, either let go unaware or not emphasize in a proper manner in its assessment.

It may be due to reddish nostalgia, dubious editorial practice or other circumstances. I will not go into that.

What I would rather write in this case is: Beware. And do not believe in any circumstance that the “Micro Machines World Series” is a misunderstood game.

Cut away!

The “Micro Machines World Series” is out for PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, and Mac.


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