Mafia 3 (Deluxe Edition) – PC Game Download


The Mafia III Deluxe Edition contains the complete game and Season Pass.

It is the year 1968, and after years of fighting in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows the truth: Family is not what you are born into, but what you die for. Back home in New Bordeaux, Lincoln wants to escape his criminal past. But when his replacement family, the black gangster, is betrayed and extinguished by the Italian mafia, Lincoln founds a new family on the ashes of the past, beating a trail of revenge and retaliation through the ranks of those responsible. Violent firefights, instinct in close combat, gripping driving action and cleverness are his means to an end. But with the right crew, hard decisions and dirty hands, you can make it to the top of the underworld in this city.


– NEW BORDEAUX, A NEW RELEASE 1968 NEW ORLEANS: A huge, varied and shady world dominated by gangsters and corrupt officials, richly endowed with the visual and acoustic details and emotionally heated social sentiment typical of this era.
A CONVENIENT AND DEADLY ANTI-HERO: Become Lincoln Clay, an orphan boy and a Vietnam veteran, who only wants to take revenge; Revenge on the Italian Mafia, who brutally murdered the black gangster, who were the only family in Lincoln’s life.
– YOUR ROUTE TO JUICE: Find out your own style, somewhere between brutal violence with a bunch of wild assassins and secret assassinations from the secret. Use Lincoln’s military training and collect confidential information to bring down the Italian mafia.
– REASONS ON THE ASH OF THE PAST A NEW FAMILY: Establish a new criminal empire, in your very own way, by deciding which of your lieutenants you are carrying and which you drop …



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