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“Harry Potter” -author JK Rowling makes no secret of her dislike for Donald Trump in the short message service Twitter – but her last sharp criticism of the US president turned out to be unjustified.

“Harry Potter” author JK Rowling (52) apologized for her accusations that US President Donald Trump had ignored a disabled child at a conference. The British writer had misinterpreted trumps behavior after the release of a clip and called “terrible”.tweet about trump


The mother of the child is said to have written on Facebook: “Can someone send a message to JK Rowling: Trump has not ignored my son and Monty has not even tried to shake his hand.” At three years, her child is not special Eager to give someone a hand.


Rowling then tweaked the fact that several sources pointed to her “not complete or incorrect representation”. She deleted the old entries and apologized to the boy and his family – but not with Trump.

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Syed Sarim Muhammad Naqvi