How To Improve Business Outcomes (Technology)

Improve Business Outcomes by using Technology  


Just about everybody loves technology. Technology is meant to form things higher. whether or not it’s a laptop, a kitchen appliance, a washer and drier, a wise phone or a wise automotive, technology is consistently dynamical and rising. The terribly purpose of technology is to form one thing easier or higher than the previous means of doing it. Of course, not all technology seems to be higher than what it had been designed to switch. There square measure several successes and failures within the realm of technology. thus what regarding technology in business? however is technology accustomed improve business outcomes?

Technology aimed toward Productivity[irp]

Peter Adams, Founder and CEO of tower data Systems INC., visited with ME recently and that we had the chance to debate many completely different topics, together with technology and it’s respect to business systems. Peter told ME that despite what the technology is, whether or not it’s a pencil and paper or a brilliant laptop, it’s purpose “is to form individuals additional productive, to modify new capabilities or to mitigate risk. Ideally it ought to be a mixture of all those things.” lately if you’re taking the time to guage however technology is applied in most things, most of the time it’s applied at a clean minimum level while not the understanding of what will truly be made. Peter aforementioned the rationale for this is often that individuals don’t have the required understanding of what they’re attempting to accomplish in business.

Making a true distinction With Technology[irp]

In terms of the corporate he supported and still runs, tower Systems INC., Peter aforementioned he’s attempting to bridge that gap. He aforementioned is attempting to be “on the business aspect of the equation leverage the body of technology that’s on the market to supply business outcomes for individuals.” Speaking additional regarding his company, Peter told ME that he needed to form a distinction within the world which he hoped to essentially “shift the narratives around data technology to essentially being a tool for business.” data technology is touted as a large profit to businesses and lots of individuals integrate new data technology into their business so as to become additional economical, to pay less cash, and to own all the most recent and greatest capabilities. However, the business customary isn’t forever up to par.

Using IT to Drive Business wants

Peter aforementioned even supposing corporations have these expectations that’s not what forever happens. “All you’ve done is shift the value around and IT becomes a giant expense and a burden to the enterprise and not essentially a web contributor to very cheap line.” Peter thinks that entire means individuals and businesses consider data technology is inaccurate. His goal is to instead bring back the “business focus beside enough technology understanding to be ready to drive the outcomes of business wants.”


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