How to Read (a Lot) More Books

Tricks That Will Help You Read More Books

how to read more

According to the research for most of the teen age we read 5 to 6 books which were given in our course but if we want change in our life we need to make our vacation more valuable for our life by reading different books  at least 20.

Yes it is possible!

Do not read the whole sentence try to skip words like “the,a,an,or,and etc”.

Try to get meaning of the sentence by reading all main words.

This is how you cannot only increase your speed but also this would help you in your school collage learning.


Here’s my recommendation for fitting a lot of reading into your own life, supported the behaviors that I changed:

Morning time:

how to read a lot

Here is my routine!

I wake up in the morning,

Drink water or coffee and then read 30 pages everyday and then start doing other work but you should have consistent with this routine.

suppose you read 3 pages per day at the end of the year you would have read 10950 pages.

how to read more

So here is the Result yes!

1 book contains approximately 300 to 500 pages so at the end of the year you will be the master of 40 books,

Isn’t it amazing?

That’s why I think this works: 30 pages is small enough that it’s not intimidating. It takes only 20 minutes.

Secondly you will not get interrupted by emergencies of the day if you do this in the morning.

If time allows you more then read more…

Other Recommendations that would help you in reading amazingly!

1:Create Atmosphere Reading Friendly

how to read more

Do you still wanna know how to read more books? Read it!

My initial priority was to create reading easier normally. i’m like electricity; i need to require the trail of travail. If there square measure any obstacles in my manner, I’m simply getting to surrender and do no matter is simpler to access and equally as satisfying within the moment. In my case, that sometimes suggests that turning on the TV, messing with my phone, enjoying a computer game, or ingestion till I go to sleep.

To fix this, I thespian from a quote I once detected regarding software package piracy. It goes one thing like “To combat piracy, you have got to create your content easier to shop for than downloading it lawlessly.” essentially, i spotted I wasn’t shopping for into reading as a result of I had created it troublesome to access it. My reading light-weight was during a unhealthy position wherever I couldn’t well reach the switch from my bed. i’d got to arise out of bed to show it on or off. Also, my bed was too tall and against a window sill therefore I couldn’t prop myself up once I didn’t desire holding a book higher than my head. And worst of all, I had a large TV in my area. Why scan once I will go to sleep to Bob’s Burgers nightly instead?

So, I rapt my reading light-weight to a stronger spot and got a Kindle Paperwhite with a good backlight. I fastened my bed therefore it had been easier for birthing upright and holding a book without fear regarding dropping it on my face. and that i rapt my TV out of my area. The TV removal alone was a large game-changer on behalf of me. I conjointly rapt my hand-held play systems and stopped keeping my phone close to my bed therefore there weren’t the other temptations around once it had been reading time. currently there square measure solely some things I will waste my room: I will scan, hear music, or sleep—that’s it. the proper reading atmosphere makes finding out a book your best alternative.

2:Carry books where you go

how to read more often

Here is another suggestion to read more books!

I’ve talked regarding carrying books around with you before—like after you have a scaning deadline—but I hadn’t extremely created a habit of it myself till I read a story Neil Pasricha at Harvard Business Review shared regarding author Stephen King:

…Stephen King had suggested individuals to scan one thing like 5 hours daily. My friend same, “You know, that’s humbug. UN agency will do that?” on the other hand, years later, he found himself in American state on vacation. He was waiting in line outside a cinema along with his girlfriend, and UN agency ought to be waiting before of him? Stephen King! His nose was during a book the full time in line. after they got into stage, Stephen King was still reading because the lights low-beam. once the lights came up, he force his book open directly. He even scan as he was departure.
It rang a bell in my memory that there square measure usable minutes hidden in each nook and cranny throughout the day. therefore I started taking my Kindle virtually all over i am going. rather than onanism my phone and scrolling through my Twitter feed, or reading a bunch of depressing news articles, I whip out my Kindle instead. And yes, you’ll scan eBooks on your smartphone, however i feel it’s too simple to urge distracted by different apps and notifications. Carrying around a Kindle isn’t ideal—it barely fits in my back pocket, and generally I forget it in my car—but it’s nearly always close and prepared to be used.

  • Audiobooks

I know audiobooks are often helpful for individuals too, particularly after you wish to create use of all those travelling hours, however I in person don’t look after them. The reader’s voice forever shapes my expertise, and, as a author, i favor to ascertain the construction of the story. It’s arduous to find out from different writers if you’re solely paying attention to them. however which will not be a difficulty for you, therefore by all suggests that, accompany audiobooks if it’ll assist you.

3:Discuss with others

earn respect

The a lot of I remark one thing, the a lot of I promotion myself up regarding it. therefore I created books a high-priority topic of spoken language rather than movies, TV shows, or games. once I’m chatting with friends, no matter I’m reading comes initial. that creates ME a lot of excited regarding the activity overall, and infrequently nets ME some nice reading recommendations from others. And that, in turn, feeds into the cycle of “read book, remark book, get excited regarding book, scan a lot of of book, yay book.”

Talking regarding what I’m reading conjointly adds sure|a particular|an exact|a precise|a definite|an explicit} layer of public answerableness and that i begin to line certain expectations in my mind. i feel things like “if I don’t end it, they’ll consider ME as a human,” or “I got to end it currently just in case they raise however it clad.” This goes doubly therefore for books counseled to ME, or books I’m reading at identical time as a follower. If I don’t truly scan it, I can’t fancy having discussions regarding it—which is my favorite half.

4:Stop Reading those books that are not enjoyable

hot to save time

There’s a definite quantity of ego that gets tied into reading books on behalf of me. i do know I felt like I had to end reading books I started or i used to be “a human,” or “not good enough,” or “missing out on one thing culturally important.” however that’s all bullshit. Enjoying books are not any completely different than enjoying a TV show or a pic. If you don’t sort of a show, you stop observance it and watch one thing else. If you don’t sort of a book, you stop reading it and browse one thing else.

Reading a book ought to be AN expertise that gives you joy and price, not one thing to labor through. once reading stops feeling like labor, it feels a lot of like fun. And if it feels a lot of like fun, you’re getting to sleep with a lot of. It’s okay to provide au fait Infinite Jest. simply place it down. no one goes to guage you. There you go. currently grab the book you wish to scan and attend city.

5:Choose 2-3 books fir reading

how to read

Some individuals will barrel through one book during a day or 2.

No no no… Do not do it!

i buy bored and wish to alter the channel as a result of I’m a Nickelodeon-brainwashed period. I scan many books directly therefore I will switch back and forth between them and everything forever feels recent.

That said, i used to be doing this with too several books directly. I had such a big amount of books on my plate that, again, reading was setting out to desire a duty as a result of I couldn’t carry on with all the facts and plot lines. currently I even have a tough cap of 3 books at a time: one fiction, one nonfictional prose, and one graphic novel or form. I either got to end a book to maneuver on, or drop it.


6:Complete the Cycle

At home, I even have a general rule of thumb known as “complete the cycle.” In short, it suggests that end what you begin, leave things as you found them, and don’t leave things for later which will be done currently. I applied identical thought to my reading habits and it did wonders.

When I sit right down to scan, I forever aim to finish the cycle. And “the cycle” are often no matter I verify before my reading session. It may be setting a timer for twenty minutes and doing a reading sprint while not distraction for the whole length. It may be finishing a chapter that I’m simply beginning. It may be reading a definite range of pages. no matter it’s, I arrange to it and follow through. a lot of usually than not, i buy absorbed in my book and browse even quite I supposed.

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