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Hover Junkers

Rapid multiplayer shooters à la RIGS, in which movements in the virtual world are implemented by controller inputs, should only be something for people with steel stomach. Hover Junkers chooses floating platforms as a battleground. Why the concept does not come up and one should provide the puddles, the preview clarifies.


The answer to the multiplayer shooter problem

Since the producer BrandonJLa, the YouTube viewer as a better half of Freddiew know, with Hover Junkers the VR prescribed, I looked at all the developer videos and the project eagerly pursued. Hover Junkers is not just a game. It tries to give an answer to how to transport multiplayer shooter into the virtual space. Because here there are problems: a room with a maximum of three by three meters is hardly enough as a standing battlefield. And locational changes, which do not correspond to the real movements of the feet, are now categorically excluded for reasons of simulator sickeness, provided you do not have tools like an omni at hand or a stomach of steel. Continuous teleporting would not only be confusing,

Smart ideas

Hover Junkers, on the other hand, uses a clever idea: one remains limited to its small space, but moves with a control unit its small platform hovering through the multiplayer maps, by tending the controller slightly in the respective direction. A front or rear does not exist among the hovering companions. If you shoot enemies, you leave these containers where you can find objects that you can protect as a protection to the Hover Junker. If you find a heavy metal plate with a shooting range instead of a pallet, it is clearly an advantage! The more enemies you defeat, the better you can get behind coverings. And if you just open containers, you can not go further and offer itself as a standing target. So far the clever mechanics.

Outstanding shooter mechanics

Whether shooting through shooting guns, gaps or kneeling with only one angled arm from the cover: thanks to the precision of the Vive, I let cartridge shells still fly through the air and was just passing through the controller movements needed to recharge the weapon, to the utmost in terms of speed. What can also be recorded as a new experience in the diary of new game mechanics is the counting of shots. Three shotguns later, I jumped out of the cover and shot my revolver empty, see how the opponent has already recharged and get the full width of his shot charge, before I again dive behind an autotour. If the Hovers are both here, you are in the classic setting war, which is known from the paintball systems of this world.

Miserable network code

Unfortunately, I was nevertheless “literally” disappointed in the truest sense of the word. On the one hand, I feel the movement of the platforms as much too fast. It is almost impossible to catch the opponent from full speed, if he moves. And because the opposite is also done, the battles are always carried out with standing Hovers, which can not be the idea of the inventor. If a third participant also, it becomes completely confusing. Here you could implement a very simple solution: Normal speed to find the opponent and then a combat speed, which automatically slows down the Hovers as soon as one is in the vapor circle of an opponent. In addition, you start with a queasy feeling in the belly area, as soon as the Hovers quickly slide over the cards, but the body does not get any feedback. At the latest after an hour of continuous bouncing, the feeling increases to a malaise and as then again the bad network code led to acute jerks, in which one glides itself almost through the levels and the opponent as a twitching something, I had not only the Glasses immediately, but hung before the puke panting over the sink. Other games likeBattlezone for the Playstation VR gives me fewer problems because the movements are slower and you sit. Even in Hover Junkers, you can avoid this queasy stomach feeling by sitting on the office chair, but just the free movement within the playing area is the fun in Hover Junkers! Unfortunately, you have also developed maps with differences in height, which bring the stomach fluids into agglomeration during the fast sliding down.



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