Guacamelee 2: New offshoot officially announced

Guacamelee 2: New offshoot officially announced

Drinkjbox Studios has officially unveiled its upcoming action platformer “Guacamelee 2” with a first trailer. 

“The sequel plays 7 years after the first part. Juan Aguacate lives happily with his family when his friend and coach Uay Chivo discovers a new evil threat that threatens not only to destroy Mexico, but also time and space! “, Says the official.

In addition to a cooperative multiplayer for up to four players, Guacamelee 2 will also include the following features:

  • Eagle Boost: Juan can use hook mechanics to catapult through the level at certain points (boosting points)
  • Super Chicken !: The new chicken form will have “a unique set of abilities”
  • New environment mechanics

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