GTA 6 – US Stuntman lists Motion Capture role in the CV

Is a stuntman revealing the development of Grand Theft Auto 6? In the life of Tim Neff, the game appears in particular.

Stuntmen often remain rather unknown doubles of the big stars, although they go into much more dangerous situations. For the Assassin’s Creed film, Damien Walters crashed 40 meters into the deep in the open air . Well, Walters know at least the people who are more often looking for spectacular Parkour videos on YouTube , but Tim Neff is completely unknown . However, the performer is currently more relevant with his resume for gaming farmers than any Damien Walters.

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In his roles portfolio he lists besides Red Dead Redemption 2 also GTA 6 . There he (unlike other projects) apparently does not function as a stuntman, but as a motion capture actor. However, the boundaries are also blurred here if you look at the actions of Michael, Trevor and Franklin in GTA 5. And apart from Andy Serkis one knows hardly synonymous Motion Capture performers.

Rumors about GTA 6 have been around for quite a while – already in March 2016 there were indications that the title is already under development.

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Sure, a lot of mazes were not needed when Rockstar then announced Red Dead Redemption 2, but the role name of Tim Neff has long been a real indication . Unless it is a typo and he has actually played in GTA 5. That would be really stupid.


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