Green Bay Packers, Draft , Nfl | Denzel Ward | 7 Options For No 14

Green Bay Packers, Draft , Nfl | Denzel Ward  | 7 Options For No 14

Green Bay Packers, Draft , Nfl | Denzel Ward  | 7 Options For No 14 : The Packers dumped their general director, their protective organizer and redid their instructing staff in a seismic move typically held for different establishments.

Despite the fact that Mike McCarthy didn’t get let go, the Packers mentor has just said that he’s relatively going to imagine as he did, on the grounds that he will begin everything once again starting with no outside help.

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The uplifting news for the Packers is that the 2018 draft is totally stacked with solid players in the optional, which implies there’s a decent shot that one of the best corners or securities could fall into Green Bay’s lap.

Obviously, if the Packers extremely like somebody, they could simply exchange up, which wouldn’t be that insane, in light of the fact that on the off chance that one group could conceivably toss a mammoth torque into the draft, it’s Green Bay. As of April 10, the Packers have a larger number of picks in the draft than some other group this year, which in a flash enables them to climb, if that is the thing that they need to do.

7 Options For No 14

In view of that, we should take a gander at the seven players who might bode well for the Packers. Likewise, since Green Bay is stacked with additional picks this year, we’ll take a gander at two potential exchanges that could bode well for the Packers :

Denzel Ward , Ohio State

In the wake of whiffing on Fuller, the Packers ought to more likely than not hope to draft a corner in the first-round, which makes Ward the ideal choice. Despite the fact that there’s no assurance that Ward will be accessible when the Packers select at fourteenth by and large, it feels like Ward would be a simple decision if he somehow happened to fall that far. One thing we do know is that the Packers are unquestionably intrigued by the previous Ohio State star.

Minkah Fitzpatrick , Alabama

In the event that the Packers can’t arrive Ward since he’s as of now been chosen, at that point Fitzpatrick would be the ideal incidental award. The greatest upside of Fitzpatrick is that he can play anyplace on the field, which is precisely what you require when you’re a group lacking profundity in the auxiliary, similar to the Packers. Fitzpatrick can play in security, space corner or outwardly, if that is the place the Packers require him. One individual who likewise figures this pick would be a smart thought is CBS senior NFL essayist, Pete Prisco, who has Fitzpatrick heading off to the Packers in his most recent taunt draft.

Roquan Smith , Georgia

The Packers war room could transform into a real pull of-war if Roquan Smith tumbles to 14. The Packers unquestionably require some auxiliary help, yet it’s conceivable they could take Smith rather, if he’s as yet accessible. The 2017 Butkus Award victor, who was additionally named SEC Defensive Player of the Year, piled on 137 handles, 14 handles for misfortune and 6.5 sacks for UGA last season. In the event that the Packers arrive Smith, new cautious organizer Mike Pettine could grapple his guard around a linebacker who’s similarly as great against the go as he is against the run.

Marcus Davenport , UTSA

The uplifting news for the Packers is that if all the best cautious backs on their load up are taken when the draft gets to the fourteenth pick, at that point snatching a pass-rusher would be a solid Plan B. In Davenport, every one of the Packers would get is a standout amongst the most athletic pass-rushers in the draft. In spite of the fact that Bradley Chubb has gathered the greater part of the features this draft season, don’t think about Davenport, who finished all unadulterated guarded lineman with a 4.58 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. A major person running that quick is the kind of thing that can give a quarterback bad dreams.

Calvin Ridley , Alabama

On the off chance that the Packers choose that having Aaron Rodgers win a shootout consistently is their absolute best at achievement in 2018, at that point taking Ridley would bode well. For one, the speedster can play both outside and in the opening, which implies the Packers could put him any place he fits the best. The expansion of Ridley, who can dive deep and open up the center of the field, could likewise mean huge things for Jimmy Graham. On the off chance that the Packers take Ridley, Rodgers would have such a significant number of weapons, he most likely wouldn’t realize what to do to pass the time. Simply joking, Aaron Rodgers dependably recognizes what to do.

Bradley Chubb , North Caroline State

The Packers totally need to get a pass-rusher in this draft and nobody would watch that crate superior to Bradley Chubb, who’s not only the best pass-rusher in this class, yet he’s the best player accessible out of everybody this year, as per our draft master Chris Trapasso. Despite the fact that this pick sounds like a pipe dream, we endeavored to base it in any event to some degree in actuality. For Chubb to arrive in Green Bay, a couple of things will need to happen. To start with, he will need to drop in the draft, which is totally conceivable. Indeed, in one deride draft set up together by Pro Football Focus, Chubb falls the distance to the tenth spot. On the off chance that that happens, the Packers could practically pull the trigger on an exchange. The key here is that the Packers have more draft picks this year than some other group (12), which implies they have a ton of ammunition to climb. Despite the fact that Gutekunst likely won’t have any desire to spend everything on one exchange, climbing four spots is something the group could possibly pull off.

Will Hernandez , UTEP

On the off chance that the initial 13 picks of the draft transform into an aggregate bad dream, leaving the Packers with nobody they adore at No. 14, at that point exchanging down wouldn’t be the most exceedingly bad thought. UTEP monitor Will Hernandez most likely isn’t justified regardless of a best 20 pick, however in the event that the Packers can exchange down to the base fourth of the first cycle (24 through 32), getting Hernandez would bode well. For one, the Packers are likely going to make Aaron Rodgers the most generously compensated quarterback in NFL history sooner or later this offseason, so it just bodes well to get some protection (AKA Hernandez) to secure that sort of venture. Likewise, Packers running back Aaron Jones would be pretty pumped to witness this pick.

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