Will another messenger come from Google? The big YouTube community, if you believe the announcement video, will soon receive its own messenger service. After Hangouts, Allo and Duo would be the at least the third messenger in a short time.

What was it just before the beginnings of mobile phones and Co easy. If you did not want to meet with your friends by telephone, then you had to send it by SMS, later by MMS. But thanks to the Internet, fast mobile data connections, which are also almost comprehensive and global, these classic communication channels hardly play any more. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or even Snapchat, along with the countless similar messenger services and communities, have been taking over for a long time.

Google has always been very hard in this field. Somehow, it never worked with their own messenger services or even social networks. Google+, Hangouts , Duo and also Allo dumb their way. The only globally operating community under Google’s umbrella is YouTube. This faithful and growing user is soon to be bound with a new function: a messenger service.

Unlike WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or even hangouts, YouTube Messenger does not appear to be a standalone app, but is integrated into the existing YouTube app as an additional feature. With this goal, the main goal is to share and distribute YouTube content faster within YouTube users.

As you can see from the YouTube video teaser video, you can also reply within the chat with self-made videos or other YouTube videos. It is questionable when and on which mobile platforms this function is enabled. So far, new features like YouTube Livestream have often been released on iOS. Android users often looked into the tube.


What do you think of the messenger or chat service shown in the video? Is this a useful addition to the YouTube app? Would you like to use this? Write us your opinion in the comments and let us chat with each other :).


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Originally posted 2017-08-10 17:53:39.

Author: Syed sarim
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