“Game of Thrones” Keith Harrington and Rose Lesley wedding

For fans of the “Game of Thrones” series it’s no secret that Keith Harrington, who played the role of the brave warrior John Snow, and Rose Leslie, who became his lover Igritt, meet outside the screen.

And although the characters of both actors on the plot of the series have already left (a fictional country where TV drama events unfold), the British are still twisting the novel.

Moreover, recently the well-known blogger Perez Hilton saw a couple at dinner in a restaurant in London and wrote about their rendezvous on its website: “Keith and Rose behaved like a happy couple, and on a finger of the girl and really shining ring A diamond, similar to the engagement ” .

Let’s remind, Keith and Rose – they from London, knew each other before shootings in a tele-movie from HBO. However, their friendship grew into a romantic relationship only on the set of “The Game of Thrones”, where they also played lovers.

Keith Harington performs in the series the role of John Snow – a bastard of one of the most influential royal houses of Vasteras and a servant of the “Night Watch”, which protects the Wall. Rose Lesley plays the savage Igritt, a warrior of the wild who live behind the Wall. According to the story, the representatives of the two warring parties fall in love with each other.

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In the series, John Snow and Igritt have several frank scenes, which, in the opinion of journalists, pushed the actors into the novel in real life.

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