Game of Thrones Ep1: Iron from Ice Game Download

Game of Thrones Ep1: Iron from Ice Game Download:

Tested on: PlayStation 4
Also available for: PC, Mac, iOS, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, android

It’s the evening of the Red Wedding. While the ‘Young Wolf’ Robb Stark and his family are a guest at Lord Walder Frey, his followers are waiting for what is going on in the war that the Starks conduct against the Lannisters. Among the Stark followers, House Forrester has been a loyal ally of Stark for years, and also King of the North Robb Stark. That night, however, is totally wrong.

Spoiler Alert: The Game of Thrones game is a game that leans heavily on its story. If you do not want to know anything about the game before you start, it may be wise to skip this article. Of course, we do not leave big plot twists, but do not escape characters mentioned in the story.

All attendees at the wedding, including Robb, mother Catelyn Stark and Talisa Stark, are killed. The men who are present outside the fortress of Walder Frey are slaughtered. A party night turns into one of the fiftiest, most memorable events from ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. And House Forrester is in the middle of it.

Last week, the first part of the Telltale game, Game of Thrones, appeared. The first episode is Iron from Ice, and introduces the story of the game, which is obviously in canon with the events in HBO’s television series. Telltale’s game begins towards the end of the third season and, once the sixth episode has appeared, will contain events until shortly before the start of the fifth season. That fifth season will start at HBO in April. Telltale speaks on its own site that the episodes for the game will appear four to six weeks apart, giving the game a chance to reach its climax around the start of the fifth television series.

In the game, Telltale promises to bring along to known and unknown places in the game of Game of Thrones, or rather, the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. Already in the first episode, Kings Landing is over and talked about The Wall. However, there are also new locations, of which Ironrath is the most important. This is home to House Forrester, and the center from which they control their country and determine what happens to the valuable Ironwood. That Ironwood is the strongest wood in the Seven Kingdoms, and thus valuable material. The latter aspect also plays a role in the story.

Just like in the television series, the story in the game is exposed from multiple sides. House Forrester is central, especially in the first episode of the game. The player starts in the role of Gared Tuttle, Lord Forrester’s Shield Button. Later, children, Ethan and Mira Forrester, also appear as playable characters. For the time being it is not clear whether it remains limited to that cast – or other characters are playable in later episodes.


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