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Full Throttle Remastered

Full Throttle Remastered, Occasionally excellent adventure games which unfortunately are a bit too short and frustratingly difficult.

Full Throttle is an adventure game released by Lucasarts in 1995. The game belongs to what will probably characterize the golden age of Lucasarts, dating back to the 1987 Maniac Mansion. In the period until 1997, they released a series of critically acclaimed adventure games, Where Tim Schafer was involved in many of them. He is now the head of Double Fine Productions, who has signed with Disney to publish almost all the games Schafer designed for Lucasarts. Full Throttle is the latest in the series, where we celebrate the Ben Throttle motorcycle show the first time 22 years ago.

It sold over a million copies, and Lucasarts had never sold so many copies of an adventure game before. That’s why there are plenty of people looking forward to a reminder of the staircase Ben and his gang of motorcyclists.

HD graphics and refurbished audio

As with the other refurbishment objects for Double Fine, it is primarily the graphics and the sound that has been overtaken. Otherwise, it is the same old game as in 1995. The graphics look hand-drawn and are very tasty, but the animations are unfortunately labeled because they are made directly on the original, which was often a little choppy. In addition, the remastered edition has a soundtrack with comments from developers and a multitude of conceptual art from the unlocked development while playing. You also have the opportunity to switch back to the old graphics by pressing a button.

Double Fine has added one game function to the original: In each scene, one key can be pressed to see what things can interact with the scene. The system feels welcome and I imagine that it is especially fond of players who are not used to adventure games but still play Double Fines other games.

Mountaineering motorcycle

Now that time, the protagonist Ben Throttle is first and foremost good at two things: driving a motorcycle and coming up with a stairwell of comments. For example, if you try to make him use the game’s voice function with something other than humans, you will come up with the comment “I’m not putting my lips on that” until you ask him to suck gasoline through a snake on which he does It with pleasure. A classic example of Tim Schafer’s humor.

The game’s history is exciting, albeit not revolutionary. It’s a classic revenge story where Adrian Ripburger (played by Mark Hamill) kills Malcolm Corley, the owner of Corley Motors. Ben has to help Corley’s daughter, Maureen, take revenge to prevent Adrian from making her dream of turning Corley Motors into a company that manufactures vans. To do this, one must run from man-made bikers (in addition to a Schafer’s repertoire, appearing among others in The Secret of Monkey Island ), steal play mechanics, and play the role of cinema engineer at a meeting of shareholders.


The story is told effectively using video sequences and a good deal of dialogue. The game does a good job of finding a balance between video sequences and interactivity. The main problem with the game is that the riddles you have to solve are difficult and often make no sense.

Part of the game is exclusively on the motorcycle. But here the problem is ironic that it will be too simple and repetitive – you use the arrow keys to steer the bike from side to side on the road and there is no more hocus pocus than to keep away from the edge of the road. You can not accelerate or slow down, and the bike stays mostly along the middle of the road.

One of the most frustrating examples of difficult puzzles is when you have to get all the things you need to jump over a bridge to the last half of the game. You have to fight a lot of different motorcyclists to get their things. The various weapons are provided during a sequence where you have to drive along a stretch of desert road where the various motorcyclists appear in random order. But what weapon to use to surrender which motorcycle is not obvious and if you refuse to look up the solution on the internet, you will spend an eternity on this sequence. Not least because the last motorcycle list has to be overlooked in a very special way so that he does not blow himself and his bike into the air before getting his glasses.


Full Throttle Remastered is a nice version of the 22-year-old adventure game and if you are interested in checking out a classic adventure game, this is a great opportunity to do just that. At the same time, the game is frustratingly difficult at times, and it is, therefore, hard to recommend it to people who have not played it before or do not have experience with adventure games before.

But the game also has many elements that speak to its advantage, like the soundtrack of The Gone Jackals , HD graphics, and the significantly much clearer sound. The commentary and sketches are also interesting, for those who care about such. In other words, the changes in relation to the original are almost exclusively aesthetic, but apart from the new hint system.

And more, one might not expect a remastered edition, at least not when it’s performed with so much quality and obvious love as here. The biggest problem is that the game is damned difficult. The new hint system helps, but only a little. Another problem is that the game is a bit short: it takes about five hours to play through – possibly seven to ten hours if you want the whole frustrating experience it must undoubtedly be playing without help. You can, of course, choose to play the whole game once more with the commentary track turned on, but it’s not very necessary if you do not have a desperate need to bring anecdotes like “there was a mistake in the game just before it was released, And Tim Schafer had disappeared. I had to call every pool bar in San Francisco to find him. ”

All in all, this is a fun and fun game experience, but the problems make it impossible for a wholehearted recommendation.


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