Final Fantasy XIV: First Details of Update 4.1

Final Fantasy XIV: First Details of Update 4.1

Final Fantasy XIV: First Details of Update 4.1

Square Enix is pleased to announce the first details of the hotly-watched update 4.1 for Final Fantasy XIV Online. The brand new content was presented to the public for the first time during a 14-hour Livestream to celebrate the four-year anniversary of the online role playing game.

Update 4.1 with the title The Legend Returns is expected to be released in early October and is the first major patch after the successful release of Stormblood, the award-winning second expansion to Final Fantasy XIV Online. In the context of a solemn Livestream, Naoki Yoshida, Producer / Director of Final Fantasy XIV Online, hosted the 38th edition of the producer’s letter.

All the latest details about Update 4.1 at a glance:

  • New orders of the main scenario and secondary orders – including the return of Hildibrands
  • New orders from the Wild Tribes – The Kojin
  • New Dungeon – The Lost City of Skalla
  • New Alliance Raid – Return to Ivalice
  • New Primae Battle – Difficulty “Zenit of the Gods” of the main scenario end-user
  • New PvP Content – Steel Swing (24 vs. 24 players)
  • Lost channels of Uznair – New cards leading to even deeper chambers, new systems and new opponents
  • Commando – New missions where you can get together with your comrades in dungeons
  • Accommodations – Land in Shirogane and relocation service available
  • New Difficulty “Fatal” – Endless Shadows of Bahamut

And much more …

During the Livestream, Yoshida discussed with his guest Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy XII / Final Fantasy Tactics) the upcoming 24-player alliance raid return to Ivalice. Matsuno writes the story for Raid as a guest author, bringing the popular world of Ivalice to Final Fantasy. The fans, who already longingly waited for the new raid, were given an exciting first optical insight.


In addition, during the producer’s letter the return of the successful collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and Level 5s YO-KAI WATCH was announced. Until 1 November, players can get weapons, companions and a riding animal in the YO-KAI design! You can find
more information about this cooperation here .

Details of the last letter of the producer .

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