Fifa 17 Review (System requirements) For Pc & Ps4

Fifa 17 For Pc Review (System requirements) For Pc & Ps4:  The game is addictive. It’s like the fishing trip by a quiet water. Like the drink in the summer sun under 20 plus. Like that feeling when you leave work on Fridays. Like the couch on Sundays.

The head, the heart and the will have a lot. Now. Preferably yesterday. More tomorrow.

This year, the “FIFA” crews have really brought it up a level. Let me explain why.


This year’s “FIFA” launches a delicious new game mode, called The Journey. A kind of solid refurbishment of the Be a pro version we know from before. It’s like going from an Audi A3 to the Audi R8.

The cylinders in the engine of The Journey are so well shaped that it creates a delicious turbofølelse. I have rarely been so nervous along the way as I have been travelling in this mode.

It all starts when you take the role of eleven-year-old Alex Hunter and you jump right into a local boy’s game. As a Hunter, you will make a penalty.

The story is then taken up and you eventually end up like a seventeen-year-old great ally at home in the boy’s room in England.

You are told to meet up on withdrawal training, choose your favourite position on the pitch before you have to impress to get an offer from the Premier League. The achievements along the way. In the right-hand corner, you get a number that changes to how well you play. The training varies from passports to death balls and matches.

When you want the level you are offered to join the Premier League and you can choose from lower pay clubs, but promised more play time, or top club with higher pay and greater rotation.


Unfortunately, there is a trick that will probably annoy many. Whichever club you sign for, the story will be determined for you in the next few months.

In the first three matches for Watford, I had four goals and two assistants, but were still on the bench and loaned to a Championship club. Much of the reason was that Watford signed Harry Kane from Tottenham, which is relatively unlikely, but because he has collaborated with the game creators, he is brought into history to a greater extent than others.

The same applies, for example, to the meeting with Dortmund player Marco Reus. It’s cool to get acquainted with the profiles, but I generally miss a little variation in outcomes after how you perform, which will be the most natural one.

Live like a pro

It’s also fun that in conversations with others you get three alternatives to what you can answer in each situation and everything you say affects the situation and the people around you on the journey.

Unfortunately, history feels a bit controlled and if you have the chance of unexpected twists, this game is not for you.

But when it is said, sir, how fun it is. During matches, you can choose to control the entire team or just Alex Hunter. I always choose the latter because I get the most into that role. The camera changes when you get the ball, and instead of normal TV viewing from the side, you’ll follow the player from behind, giving a realistic and vibrant perspective.

Delicious, EA Sport, here you deliver.

You are really pulled into the field. You live professional life and you constantly breathe after pushed rating numbers – both during combat and training. When you’re only one player on the courses, you’re more focused on the moves, the races are different and yes: move more like a true football player.

The team members seem to be willing to send extra to you, which is really okay. Fortunately, this mode is not adjusted too much so it does not fall over and becomes unnatural.

The sweat pipes from the forehead, and especially at the beginning you want to impress. It feels like being a pro and I took myself to not eat for several hours and forget about the clock completely.

EA has done something special about this story part; You really love the guy and you want to know where this goes. This is a trip you would like to take, and a mode I welcome further.

Next year in even better version, hopefully. Then with a little more unexpected drains and choices.

Stupid robots

This year’s “Fifa” has of course also got a boost in the graphics as well as the models are more natural than ever – no hair on the Real Madrid star Christiano Ronaldo’s head is wrong.

But there is something that hurts on the grass mat.

It’s extremely desperate when you fervently try to change play in you get the counter down but do not get the switch to the player that it would be most natural to choose.

Keepers also make too many weird choices. Often they have the chance to reach a ball that rolls on the way beyond the sidelines. If you have lost a duel and the ball goes towards the door line, the goalkeeper runs out to retrieve but does not end up and it ends with a corner kick.

It seems that they have not managed to give the artificial intelligence good enough alternatives when the ball is out of the shooting and fitness field.

It’s a typical situation you get pissed off. Especially when you can not do anything about it yourself and it happens time after time.

Fifa 17 The journey- Official Trailer

Something is better in “Pro Evo”, and vice versa

Last week I tested the competitor “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” and there’s the artificial intelligence simply better.

I also think the freedom among players is greater in  Pro Evolution Soccer”, where it all feels a bit more natural and less random than in  FIFA 17 .

But you win something and lose something. “FIFA 17” is better than “PES 17” on several points.

Tackles feel more natural than in “Pro Evolution Soccer 17”. They are easier to control, where the “PES 17” felt a bit like the first day of karate training. The tackles went everywhere, in unnatural heights and lanes.

The shotgun itself is also a bit less machine in  FIFA  than its main competitor.

The shots are thus a little more real, although this works well on  PES  , it’s even better at FIFA  .

It also seems that  FIFA  has focused very much on the difference between good and bad shooters. When I try shots away from the Liverpool jewel Phillipe Coutinho, it often goes outside or in the clashes of the goalkeeper. But if Daniel Sturridge gets to try, I’ve got a far greater opportunity for goals. This has been the case in the past, but even better in the year’s edition.

All in all, it gives a lovely feeling on the pitch. It feels a bit like something I’ve done so many times before, because the distinction from 2016 to 2017 is not so big, but still, I can not leave it from me. After 15-20 battles for a couple of hours, I’m satisfied and think: “Now will be another couple of days for next time”.

But that’s a lie. Already the next day, or a few hours later, I’m going again.


Ada is a beast on the pitch

Last year, Electronic Arts also introduced women’s team in the series, where the edition of the year has finally also received the Norwegian women’s team.

For the first time you can play with the Norwegian women’s team, and Ada Hegerberg is a real freak on the pitch. Sixth best in the world with 88 in the rating and one player it is a pleasure to have on their team. Otherwise, the same criteria apply as the rest of the game, of course.


This year’s round of “Fifa” was The Journey that was first in line, and after a few hours, I thought, “Here I come” FIFA. Dice six. Merry Christmas.”

But unfortunately, it became a little too predictable and generic to keep it top class.

However, I love trying this mode, and it’s not a bad attempt, but there are some simple adjustments that could have been made for a better overall experience.

With some unpredictability and the ability to surprise, this mode will become even more interesting.

Therefore, a little mechanical control during combat, with some gravel in the artificial intelligence and said story mode, makes me unable to roll dice 6.

At the same time, the overall experience draws up. A further developed Ultimate Team mode and Alex Hunter madness mean that the game has now got more legs to stand on.


Fifa 17 System requirement:

Minimum Specifications

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 – 64-Bit.
  • Minimum Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GTX 460 or AMD Radeon R7 260.
  • DirectX: 11.0.
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.1GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 GHz.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Hard Drive Space Required: 50.0 GB.

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