Facebook’s AI has its own language

Facebook turned off its artificial intelligence after he invented his own language

Facebook Company conducted an artificial intelligence experiment with the support of chat bots, which were supposed to communicate with each other in English.

In the process, the bots began to create their own language, and the developers stopped the work of artificial intelligence, because it went beyond the set goals, – reports International Business Times .

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According to one of the experts Dhruv Batra, artificial intelligence was not given any instructions on how to comply with the standard structure of the English language, “therefore they themselves solved this issue.”

“Bots give up an understandable language and invent code words for themselves.If I say” 5 times “- you interpret this that I want five repetitions of this paragraph, so it’s not so different from how people create a reduction for themselves,” – Said Batra.



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Syed Sarim Muhammad Naqvi