Earthlock: Festival of Magic For Pc/ Ps4 & Xbox Review

Earthlock: Festival of Magic For Pc/ Ps4 & Xbox Review: It,s a passive fighting system ala “Final Fantasy X “, where you have plenty of time to see who will attack a year, and thus plan the approach angle in turn.

But the game does not tell you what effect you’re going to do will have on the list of whoever it’s going to be in the future, before you’ve done it.

like the simplistic system where each button on the controller is a separate attack, and you can switch between different positions to switch between attacks or spells.

For example, the protagonist Amon will have projectile open in one position while attacking with a knife in another. These are smart stuff, and you can jump between those with a little time in the order of the beer of attackers.


Strategic, but …

As a rule, the balance between your team and the enemies you meet is quite matched.

You will soon understand how the enemies will be taken by days, or if they have special strengths or weaknesses. This helped by the fact that the wild wrench (!) Gnart notes down the information about the enemies after meeting them, as you can read in the menus.

But if you suddenly come to areas that are being properly unfair, enemies are hurting and dividing out much more than before, and if you accidentally fall into battle once again you fall back on the simple side Off the table. It is uneven, to say the least.

For example, you will often, especially in the first few hours, meet on flying enemies you simply can not take off days if you do not have ammunition.

You will need to wait until they either land by themselves or kill half of your team. It’s not a bunch of functionality you can use freely, but you can pretend to be knocked if half of the team has fallen.

There are also some enemies who will hide as they are attacked – which means you have to wait until they appear again before you can attack. Come on.

Other types of enemies, and especially bosses, will overwhelm you with the number of different attacks they have. We just have to man up and put a strategy, because you are going to d o. A lot.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic trailer


Cool level system

And strategies are many to pick from.

You can put together your gang so that they gradually gain more and more of each other in so-called bonds . These give you super attack or defensive opportunities, and can save a foes match.

At the same time, you have a “Final Fantasy X” -like grid you use to go up to levels where you post cards to determine which attributes you want to raise. This also works completely smoothly, because you can replace the cards at any time.

So you can pump one of the characters by evasion if you know it’s a quick boss in the ferry, or with might if you need more heaviness for a difficult area.

I like it, but it’s not as lucky that the game does not really tell you in detail how much of the upgrades or super attacks work, so it’s going to be a lot of trial and error.

Self-taught is well-known, I think.


Gnartneri for trouble[irp]

Early in the game you get a base you can drive thanks to. This when you easily from any storage point (and you to stop by to jump to other sites), and includes picnic to replenish your life and crafting ranges for carpentry together ammunition and graduation cards.

As mentioned, you can run out of ammo, and the only way to replenish is to cut the green wildflowers in the soil and plant some plants. These begin to shine, you can walk away, press the A button and wait until they glitter again.

Wait and press. Press and wait. Imagine the simplest form of mobile game with resource thinking and you’re in honesty. Hiv is on a load screen between where you sow fruit and where you grow your own ammo and the circle is complete.

As mentioned, some areas of the game make such huge difficulty in the game (and then back down afterwards) that you just have to go back to lean up some levels.

In other words, just putting an hour or three on hammering ammo .

You need to grind for to f to allowed to grind – so you do not get stuck and look at to a flying beetle kills the whole team because you do not have arrows in armbr curds!

I would rather spend the time jazzing up the magic of those who have the opportunity to avoid seeing the damned garden again.


What was the game about again?

Perhaps the weakest part of the game is unfortunately the story, or perhaps more precisely the way it is told.

It starts easily enough – find your kidnapped uncle who has left a mysterious treasure, which has some power that must not come into the hands of those bad ones.

But as more figures appear, several baddies are suddenly introduced and even more storytelling with an ever-increasing name to remember , it’s getting too much. You are bombarded with the background history of the world, continents, way of life and religion.

I do not manage to get engaged by the logs that are silent and deliver the dialogue via text bubbles. Nor do I get involved with the world when I get served everything in the form of walls of text.

Then it is also a little comfort that the dialogue at times is at least witty.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Gameplay


Cool but

You probably have a drawing. The whole game is “cool, but …” and that thought is in the body throughout the experience.

It’s a nice game to look at – colorful and varied – but technically it’s a lot to put your finger on.

Animations are stiff, the image update is constantly jamming and you can wander around during loading times, which seems very confusing in narrow areas with multiple outputs. You can enter a new loading area before the previous one is finished!

Soundly, it’s just as halfway. The music is mostly bang, but soundtracks are falling out, attacks are missing sound effects and the repetition is great.

The same can be said about the areas as well. They are pretty, but low-content, and only work as a quick “ah, see here yes”, before you’d rather go through to the next screen.

Combined with the balancing problems, it’s tempting to say that the game has been rushed out, or at least benefited from even more development time.

The conclusion is that it is very good, but also bad, which is a pity.


Because I’m looking forward to the fact that the framework is in place, and with a bit of good luck this could be a good idea.

But even if the game mechanical p to many m baits keeps m eel, it’s not good enough for a role as per practice to play on to the tangents to the vast st Initial and  not have watertight bulkheads on to basic things like history, role development, storytelling , Balancing and challenge.

Beat repetitive and unnecessary tiresome grinding and crafting on top, so it’s hard to see the Lyset at the end of the tunnel.


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