Duchess Kate Middleton, Editor of Huffington

Duchess Kate Middleton will become editor of Huffington Post

Duchess Kate Middleton

The Huffington Post edition offered the duchess of Cambridge Keith Middleton cooperation as an invited editor.

As previously reported, Amal Clooney was fired from his job for his incompetence .

The management of the publication expects that Kate Middleton, within the framework of cooperation, will provide several author’s articles.

Moreover, one of the proposed topics is quite unexpected – the mental health of children. The second is more traditional for the representative of the royal family – this is charity.

Kate Middleton will have the opportunity to share with her general audience her experiences and observations in these two areas. It is also reported that her duty as editor will last only one day.

new editor Duchess Kate Middleton

It is known that the theme of children’s mental health is one of the key in the charitable work of Kate Middleton. She supported several organizations and funds that deal with this issue at once.

Quite possible, that single action Huffington Post later develop into a closer and long-term cooperation.



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