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Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon age inquisition is the new version of dragon age with having more of the interesting features and new weapons gun fire.

Dragon Age Inquisition – videos and brand new facts

Tell me where the dragons are: we went on a discovery tour with the world-famous rolling game epic Dragon Age Inquisition and tried out the tactical camera in exciting battles. Read everything about the world, the battles, the characters and a new reworked gameplay!


Dragon Age Inquisition played at Bioware

There he stands, the leader of the mighty Inquisition, who is respectfully called “Andrastes Herald” by the subordinate, and wonders why he has not packed any rubber boots. The new zone, which we are allowed to play in Dragon Age Inquisition at BioWare in Edmonton, is simply referred to as “The Bog”, “the Swampland”. It is a gloomy moorland landscape with just about all the ingredients you could wish for well-maintained eccentricity: rain, fog, lots of marshy water and lively skeletons.

Dragon Age Inquisition

The presence of undead would not hurt us, hopefully, the spokeswoman smiles, informing us of the state of affairs when we arrive in the zone. Our four-headed hero group has left the dry cosiness of their headquarters for a reasonably attractive region of the country of Ferelden. A squad of Inquisitions soldiers are missing, last they stayed in this region.

The search for missing staff is chefsache, so we choose at the camp fire three companions and make us on the muddy way. Oh, and on the occasion we could pick up a few herbs growing nearby. That means at least a sidequest donor, whom we addressed in the camp. The daily life of rolling games brought us back again.

Excursions in ten regions

The fact that the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition is “open” and “lively”, you get into every presentation and every PR document correctly. No wonder, because with the compact class game areas of Dragon Age 2 the success-accustomed role-playing experts from BioWare were a rare property. Story and characters were certainly very interesting, but the killing of discoveries proved to be the opposite of what the customers wanted (as now around 20 million sold copies of the open fantasy world have impressively proven Skyrim).

An open, continuous giant world does not have Inquisition, but a collection of probably ten zones scattered over the world map. These individual areas, however, should be large enough to make the much sought-after “Open World” gaming feel. Cross-country walking leads to the discovery of sights, quests, prey, fighting, or a Codex entry that teaches us more about this world.

The legend for the overview card knows almost 30 different marker categories. There is usually something exciting nearby, like a camp that you can conquer and then use as a speeding point, or a veil-rift, the closure of which slows down the demon invasion and brings in powerful experience points.


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