Dota 2: Valve wants to make it easier for newcomers

Dota 2: Valve wants to make it easier for newcomers

MOBAs are not known for their simple game mechanics. Despite consistently high numbers developer Valve wants to attract new players – and makes some changes to the title, which should support newcomers in their first matches. For example, newbies can only access a limited number of heroes, and they may end up with more than one player in a game.

The MOBA hit Dota 2 by the developer Valve is an extremely successful e-sports game and follows a simple premise: hard to learn, hard to master. Who plays for the first time a MOBA, is overwhelmed in the first Dota games and a little overwhelmed. But also old genre hare must first in the play mechanics  Valve would now like to simplify entry and therefore makes two changes to the Dota game mechanics.dota 2


First steps

First, new players can choose only 20 of the 113 heroes – these 20 heroes are easier to learn compared to other characters. This should lead to new players learning the basic game mechanics in the first matches and then concentrating on the individual characters and their abilities. The hero limit applies to the first 25 matches of each new Dota player.

In addition to the limitation of heroes, Valve also provides another way for a more pleasant climate for newcomers. So the newbies are only to be thrown with players of the same skill level into a part, which were rated by other players as friendly and helpful. Players who have often been reported for griefing, bad teamplays, and other unwanted player behavior will not meet the newcomers in their first games. The developer Blizzard also wants to create a better atmosphere in the hero shooter Overwatch and therefore takes a particularly hard hit with bad player behavior .


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