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We all face Negative people in our life. Narcissists, compulsive liars, sociopaths, manipulators, gossipers, and those wallowing in self-pity are few examples of negative people. They always try to find a way of worming their way into other’s lives and creating drama in order to manipulate a social circle to suit their needs and to attract them. Often they will apply a strategy of “divide and conquer” in which they sow the seeds of instability and grow new trees related to their own needs  and to make themselves seem essential to a social group.They can put you at risk of dragging you down to their level as they have grip on their acts and turning you into a Negative person as well. Luckily, we are providing you number of ways to avoid letting toxic people rule your life what you need to do is implement…

1. They ignore attention seekers[irp]

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Toxic people try to seek attention at any costs. Even if it’s somebody’s birthday, they will find a way to make everything about them. It usually begins with small actions, interrupting people or talking over them, being unnecessarily loud or acting out. Usually, if they do not get the attention then they would start giving arguments, throwing a tantrum(Click for meaning) or acting destructively. Good social cohesion relies on everybody getting their chance to talk, joke and have fun. A social circle should never revolve around one person. In this case what you need to do is to pay little or no attention to that person, and instead spend more time with the quieter and other members of the group.

2. They do not trust or share secrets with gossipers[irp]

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They usually judge or gossip about people behind their backs and share their secrets with others only to get their sympathies. If you meet any person of this kind then do not be fool just do what you need to do. They will just as easily betray your trust.

Firstly, They will often talk behind somebody’s back to you and you know what they would do afterwards???

They will then go and tell the other person what you said. This would create friction between two people, leaving the negative person holding all the cards. It’s a divisive and manipulative method of gaining friends or power in a social group.

Do not take the bait.

3. They spend a lot of time with trustworthy and loyal friends[irp]

In contrast clever people develop a strong support network of loyal and trustworthy people. They know that everybody is not deserving of their friendship. In turn, they reward their friends loyalty and trust. Clever people know that true friendship is one of the rarest and valuable commodities that you can have in life and they will not allow this to be corrupted by toxic, negative and untrustworthy people.

4. They avoid manipulative people[irp]

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Manipulative people will ruin your life. They will manipulate your feelings in order to make you act in a certain way to further their goals.

In order to avoid them:

  1. You must first recognize the signs of a manipulative/negative person.
  2. Do you find yourself constantly feeling strong or unstable emotions when they are with you; anger, irritation or sadness?
  3. Do you often question why they might have said something?
  4. Do you get the suspicion or thought that you’re being deceived? If so then that person is trying to toy with your emotions, and are best avoided.

5. They allow liars to trip themselves up[irp]

Toxic people  lie  not just to others, but to themselves. They will often perform mental games/puzzle to convince themselves that their lies are reality.In the very beginning they succeed in attracting people with their lives but by the time their true selves are reveled… Unfortunately, lies are actually very hard to keep up. Recounting a true event is relatively easy, but keeping track of a bunch of made up stories is so much difficult. Liars end up exposing themselves over time, by contradicting themselves with other lies.

6. They do not get involved in petty feuds and drama[irp]

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Most people like to keep arguments solely in order to defend what they have whereas Negative people aren’t like that, they love to air their dirty laundry in public and at the time of arguments they want everybody to pick a side and that side should be the same what they want.  Toxic person will always try to invovle you if you are in this game or not they will not allow you to remain neutral. There are six words that can save you from being sucked into the storm of arguments that are

“It’s nothing to do with me”.

7. They ignore insults[irp]

Insults have many forms, but the most cleverly-disguised insults are actually disguised through compliments. “I’d never have the confidence to wear that.” “You’re so funny, and you don’t even realize it!” “You’re such a nice person.” These are just a few thinly veiled insults that will leave you wondering what they actually meant and it would finally your affect your emotions.


8. They demand straight answers to their questions[irp]

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Toxic people will often go out of their way to  by giving vague, non-committal or misleading statements. Just ask anybody whose ever been involved in the criminal-justice system…

The percentage of  satisfactory statements are incredible by toxic people. This is done not just to withhold information, but also to prevent anybody from telling them they are going to backtrack later. The trick to trick them is only tricky question and bound them with a yes or no answer. This will force them to make their intentions clear, and prevent them from playing mind games with you and let them throw the cards what they were holding… 😉

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