Destiny: Rise of Iron for pc/ps4 review & gameplay

Destiny: Rise of Iron for pc/ps4 review & gameplay:  How much do I think of “Destiny” at the time? Let’s say so: The time is half past Thursday night in a cabin somewhere outside of Oslo. Soon, it will be held ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2017’ tournament and later awaits the movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’.

In one corner the board games are stacked and some have prepared a round role play (Cthulhu) the following day. Virtually anything a nerd needs is within reach.

Nevertheless, there is a home length below the surface and gnaws. The merchant Xur stands in some dark corner of the “Destiny” this weekend. Can I miss some good equipment?

So much I think of “Destiny: Rise of Iron”. Yes, I’m hooked. Again.


Extends the game’s best part

The fourth expansion pack succeeds in giving even more of the same to us as already digging “Destiny”.

One example is the region on earth, The Cosmodrome, which has always been my favourite. It has the greatest variety, space for ravages with your sparrow and hanging together in a way that is both clear and full of details.

Now it’s expanded to be even bigger with something Bungie calls The Plaguelands. The area is characterized by an outbreak of nanotechnology called SIVA. It makes The Fallen an even more dangerous enemy, but as we have become accustomed to, the developers make minimal effort to give us new enemy types. Here we speak a bit of new graphics and some new attacks.

The new area, on the other hand, has a unique look. SIVA leaves red wires that coil into openings, like something organic, and break up what once was Russia. The contrast between rusty and worn buildings and the new red is directly beautiful.


Destiny: Rise of Iron Trailor[irp]

Easy to persuade

Knut, one of the friends who are with us in the cabin, finally forces the miserable Edge connection to give us the answer to what Xuroffers this weekend.

“I think it’s Mida Multi Tool,” he said after studying the mobile phone.

It’s not just me in the cabin that misses “Destiny”. Three of us have already invested many hours in the expansion package and we have for a long time started persuading two of the others here in the cottage to return.

– There is plenty to do. You have at least four new exotic quests, brand new and remixed strikes and the new area has more secrets to explore. Soon there is also Iron Banner. Not to mention the raid. We have to cope with the raid!

It turns out that it is not difficult to find arguments that will re-gather the gang that has already defeated Crota, Athlon and Oryx.


Much work

Before you can participate in the new raid, many hours of preparation are waiting to build strong enough figure. The main assignments have been completed in a couple of hours and are nothing special when it comes to history. Then it’s more memorable to explore The Iron Temple. This is Rise of Irons response to The Tower.

In addition to decoding engrams, downloading bounties and dancing with strangers, you’ll find a giant mountain that you can climb after turning agility to the top. Finally, Bungie has understood that we like to explore the hooks in the inversely. The mountain and a mysterious room in the same area also have secrets.

After the main story has been completed, the new side quests, the pursuit of exotic weapons and the grinding process await. Because you should like to grind to fully enjoy the “Destiny”.


More roads to Rome

To reach high levels of equipment, you need more than one knee to take pleasure in a player who does not know all the ways you get stronger. Here making the game is a bad job of informing, and searching for forums, videos and other websites are almost required.

Something, fortunately, better in “Rise of Iron” is that before you really had to raid to go to the top, you now have many opportunities to reach level 385.

New Archon’s Forge is an improvement of the Court of Oryx that we were introduced to in the previous expansion package. The arena is started with keys and a wave of increasingly tough enemies is falling against you. Are you lucky and there are many players in the area at the same time, fighting goes away? I’m reminded of legendary “Loot cave” when the hill is slowly but surely covered with a huge amount of equipment that glitters alluring.

Archon’s Forge gives you more loot and the fighting feels more action packed than the Court of Oryx from The Taken King. There were a few big enemies that you had to shoot. Instead, here are many short waves with more enemies before the boss eventually appears.

This also applies to the other parts of ” Rise of Iron”. It seems that Bungie has understood that the rhythm of the matches could soon be too slow before.

Nightfall assignments, gifts from different fractions, PVP in The Crucible and Trials of Osiris are just some of the other ways you get the best equipment. The variety of ways to grind makes the game less monotonous on the road to make your characters stronger.


That feeling

The grind has also become easier, but also more entertaining, but at the bottom, it’s what made me play again and again – even when the “Destiny” had much less variety in the first half of the year after the slipping: The smooth experience that only this game series can be on.

The shooting and the responsive way you move in the landscape is something I have not found the creator in other places. It’s still sensational how easy it is to join the matches your friends are up to, or how anyone else can join your adventure if they wish.

If you have never appreciated what “Destiny” has offered before, there is no reason to believe that you will suddenly find pleasure here either. “Rise of Iron” offers the most of a nice refinement the fans already like.

Then it is strange that the developers behind “Destiny” still have not realized that many do not have enough friends to fill up a team in the sections where there is no matchmaking. Many people also do not care about visiting websites where you find others to set up a team for the raid.

It’s a shame because the new raid is the best since the Vault of Glass.


Something big must die

After having fun for some twenty and twenty hours with the new expansion pack, I was finally ready for the raid: Wrath of the Machine. Nanotechnology, SIVA, has created a monster. I think story telling is not the strongest side of this series. Nor does it party here. Something giant must nevertheless die.

It said – that this raid also requires concentration and team play from all six participants. Especially at the end when the enemies are extra strong. Until then you do not need to be level 360, as the game suggests. 355 holder. In general, the level of difficulty seems to be downward compared to the previous raid.

While you previously had to carry a lot in the raids from point A to B, there is a lot of casting of objects this time. If it is called a recovery, it is uncertain, but it requires training at least. The raid first teaches you in a simple game before you eventually have to throw the throws so that everyone does this at the same time.

And by the way. For those who like jump puzzles, unfortunately, there is little to get on that front. Your others can breathe out easily.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay:[irp]


More action

Since the developers this time has dumped the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Bungie has also turned up the complexity of both graphics and game design, where a memorable sequence asks you to jump and move on an enemy. Let’s hope we’ll see more of this dynamic in the upcoming game.

The general focus on shorter sequences is also displayed in the raid. It feels more action-packed even if you sometimes have to mind your task solution in line with what you’ve met at the Vault of Glass, Crota’s End and King’s Fall

As in Archon’s Forge, the equipment hails all the way to the last forest. Hidden chests and secret areas also provide a little extra to do next to the matches. The raid does not find the wheel again but offers enough variety and cool enemies to look forward to many rounds.


“Rise of Iron” is more of the same. Nevertheless, it’s probably new to the game feeling – yes – new. Where ” Taken King” felt claustrophobic and dark, this package made “Destiny” colourful and airy again.

For me, the year’s best game from 2014 is not worse in 2016. It’s only gotten better.

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