New Deathmatch Modes Released In Overwatch PTR

Another major update in the game Overwatch by adding Deathmatch mode to try on the Server PTR as well as new maps that are available in the Deathmatch mode, especially with the change of the hero some of the cool. What to see!


New Deathmatch Mode

This new mode will have 8 players and a Free for all fight. The player will gain 1 point from killing enemies. (Must be self-shot) and lose 1 point if you fall or damage yourself. (To prevent time to be killed by Deny himself) who can score 20 points before it will be the winner?


New Display Score, Deathmatch Mode Only

The new Deathmatch display window if no one Score to 20 within 10 minutes, the person who killed the most will win.
New Team Deathmatch Mode
This mode will have 8 players as well but will split into 2 teams of 4 people each, the score will be the same as the normal Deathmatch mode. But if the dead players were resurrected before the rebirth. The enemy’s points are cleared. Which team has 30 points before the winner.


Two new modes in Arcade mode.

The map used in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch mode will have a new map called Chateau Guillard and other maps.

There will be some changes to the playing time, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch mode, especially where the map to play is as follows.
– Hanamura
-, The Horizon the Lunar Colony,
-, Temple Of Anubis
– Volskaya Industries No
– Dorado,
– Eichenwald
– the Hollywood
–King’s Row,
– (the TDM Only) to the Black Forest,
– (the TDM Only), Castillo
– (the TDM Only) Ecopoint: Antarctica
– (the TDM Only) Necropolis,

Hero Updates

Concussion Mine
– Can hold two bombs (but one at a time).
– Tire moving 20% faster
– Can climb walls no time.


Fusion Driver
– The speed of the bullet is up to 20%
Protective Barrier
– Increases the size of the baria by 20%

Take a Breather
– Can take medication walk
– During the heal will reduce the damage received by 50%


Grappling Hook
– Reduces cooldown from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.
Venom Mine
– Can be seen through the trapped enemy (see Widowmaker only).
It is also known as an update to Buff for multiple heroes. Ever Including a new play mode, this game overwatch fans waiting for it on the main server. But if anyone does not want to wait in the PTR before, say it!

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