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Darkspore is a dynamic, intense and futuristic action RPG in which you must save the universe from an old and powerful evil in a desperate battle.


Drive the Darkspore back


Recruit the best fighters from the universe to build an arsenal of monsters and collect hundreds of unique characters that you can use as living weapons. Manage your monsters themselves as they descend to the surface of infected planets, fight against enemy enemies and dodge Darkspore’s military force. The enemies are diverse and dangerous: to beat them, you need to make the most of your monster arena and strategically decide which monsters you use for each fight. Collect new weapons and armor to expand the possibilities of your monsters and change them into an even more powerful force. Configure your own unique monster characters with the award-winning Spore Creature Editor and exchange with other players to complete your arsenal.

 darkspore for pc

Create your own heroes


The Darkspore can be divided into three unique classes with five different types of genetic heroes, an unlimited number of enhancements and adjustments that can be made with the components that players collect on different planets. As the game progresses, the Darkspore will become increasingly intense, with new planets and enemy troops, allowing players to strategically select the right troops and combine skills to succeed in their missions.


Intense multiplayer


You can play alone or co-operatively through the epic and futuristic campaign: take it together with friends against Darkspore’s armed forces or duel against friends in dynamic competitive arena fighting.


– Collect an arsenal with hundreds of different monsters and use them as living weapons.

– Choose which monsters you want to use during the fight against Darkspore’s combat force.

– Fight against hordes infected enemies and huge end opponents in dynamic and intense action.

– Work together, exchange or play against up to three other players in co-campaign mode or eight other players in PvP mode.

– Expand the universe with DLC to get access to rare monsters, new planets and new features.


Minimum System Requirements

– Broadband Internet

– Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP2 / Windows 7

– 3Ghz Pentium 4 or Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz


– 10GB Free Hard Disk Space

– 16x DVD-ROM Player

– 256MB Graphics Card




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