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20 years ago, Constructor successfully tried to connect urban development with a real-time strategy – not only on a PC but also on the Ur-PlayStation. At the end of April, the classic goes back to HD, then as it was developed by System 3. Executive Producer Mark Cale visited us in the editorial board and had an almost finished version in order to check how the modernized war around building sites and The supremacy in the city.

In fact, 20 years?

Is it really so long ago? 20 years? Must be. The era of the PlayStation (1) is long gone. And if you take a look at the original version, which can also be played on modern PCs, the age is already very clear: coarse pixels, rudimentary animations. But the concept already provided for good entertainment at that time – even on the console, where I had made my first steps as the head of a construction company fighting for supremacy in a fictitious city. The development and expansion of rental housing is as much a part of the economic aspects as the acquisition of new construction areas, the sighting of potential tenants or the construction or the taking over of buildings, which can reduce the value of the opposing buildings. And if all the strings tear, Can be sabotaged, attacked and destroyed with his foremen as well as gangsters and other shady figures. Constructor has at that time created an interesting bridge between elements of the real-time and expansion strategy – and not with humor.

With this basic concept, System 3 is also committed to the latest HD console, which will be released in late April. At least this date is for the calculator, the PS4 and the Xbox One lashed. The switch is expected to appear later, but in comparison to the other consoles in mobile mode, the touchscreen can be used extensively as an optional control tool. But even in the PS4 version, which I was allowed to play for about an hour and a half, the controller control was not a problem after a short familiarization. Intuitively, I would not denote the partial context-sensitive processing of the pad inputs, but the logic of some commands is comprehensible and therefore easy to learn.


Animated backdrop

Not only in mechanics, System 3 creates the balancing act between refinements of the original and fresh elements. The backdrop also ultimately builds on the mix of modernization and recognition. The isometric perspective is retained, but benefits from a comfortable zoom function. The animation library of the minstrels or the scaffolded scaffolding in the city map also seems to be based on the old foundation, but it was extended, while the CG inter-screens with their whimsical figures were completely reworked and renewed, but still the gross charm of the 20 years old Ur-Constructor. However, because of the allusions to back then, not everything is contemporary – but this should ultimately not play a role If there is no performance loss under the line. But we will not find the answer until the test phase when the cards are built up to the point of excess and the beating teams of the individual construction companies are beating the same dozens.


constructor game download

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Syed Sarim Muhammad Naqvi