“Cluster truck” game for Pc/Ps4 Review & Gameplay

“Cluster truck” game for Pc/Ps4 Review & Gameplay: «Clustertruck», formerly with the far less catchy working title “Highway Fight Squad”, is almost as ridiculous as it’s possible to get it: A bunch of trucks drove in a straight line into eternity, you’re on the roof and have to jump between They to reach the goal.

It is on par with the “Muscle March” (flex with the muscles in the right position to hug you through holes in the walls), “Who’s Your Daddy” (babysitting house before the kids kill themselves) and “Kung Fu Rider” (drive down office chairs Steep slopes) when it comes to crazy stupid ideas.

I love games.

Not exactly a simulator

So here you stand, on top of a semi-trailer, and have to look around for the target. Often, it’s a step forward, and the trick will be to hold you on one of the many trailers that gases on with no special thought on your own safety.

The insanely chauffeurs only go away, usually straight downhill or into walls, so the trick will jump to the one you think will take you closer to the goal. If you crash the ground (or something else), just start over.

Hopping between fast trailers is basically the whole thing, but gradually there is a clever grip that makes you have to “plan” what to do a little further.

Each “world” (with ten lanes) has its own theme, some introducing heavy swing arms that will clutch the trucks to hell (sometimes literally), some have anti-gravity areas, some packed with explosives – and so on.

It’s more Bandit than Snowman, if you’re supposed to think there was a hint of “Truck Simulator” here, and it seems that Burt Reynolds has been spinning around with his bart after ending game play as well.

Expect a delicious mix of dizziness, joy and mood after the game has thrown all it has of colorful trallala and explosions on you. Perhaps you need a shower.

Because you ‘re never bored , to say that way.


Hiv in perfect control, fun upgrades (double jump is almost required later), and top lists with friends and friends, and the recipe is very good.

In pure “Super Meatboy” style it’s almost impossible not to try just once more, because the load screen is non-existent.

So let’s also forgive the concept “cracking” at one point, because it does not keep cooking for very long. That’s why it’s nice that the price, the dog slap, is in style.

It’s a reinspikka platform fun, a fine color scheme of a game that takes a foolish setting, clinging to perfect management, fun progression and also able to throw your arms in the weather when it’s all been used up.

As an added bonus, you get a level editor and thus potentially infinite with new lanes, if you’re in a hurry. A complete package, in other words.

And much more is not to say. King!


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