Civilization 6: Rise and Fall – The New Civilizations at a Glance

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall – The New Civilizations at a Glance

One of the most important elements of civilization has always been the many different civilizations that the player can guide through world history. The individual peoples each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Their sometimes funny or charismatic leaders pursue preferred strategies.

With the upcoming extension Civilization 6 (buy now for 26,50 €) Rise and Fall further expands the offer of the peoples in the current section of the series.

Eight new civilizations will contain the add-on. In addition, India gets donated an alternative leader. Thus, the Asian people, as the second to Greece, two leaders in the offer. In the following article we summarize the new additions for you and briefly present their special features and strengths.


Leader: Seondeok, Queen of Silla 
Unique District: Seowon (Replaces Campus)
Unique Unit: Hwacha (Mobile Ballista)
Unique Civilization Ability : Three Kingdoms (mines and farms receive bonuses adjacent to the Seowon District)
Unique Leadership: Hwarang (bonus to science and industry) Culture in every city with governor)


Leader: Queen Wilhelmina 
Unique Unit: De Zeven Provincial
Unique enhancement: Koog
Unique civilization ability: Rhine-Maas-Delta (Bigger bonuses for campus, theater and industrial district next to a river)
Unique Leadership: Radio Oranje (culture bonus for trade routes to foreign cities)


Leader: Genghis Khan 
Unique Unit: Keshig
Unique Enhancement: Ordu
Unique Civilizability: Örtoo (Increased Strength and Diplomatic Visibility)
Unique Leadership Ability : Mongol Horde (Cavalry units receive bonuses and can capture enemy cavalry)


Leader: Poundmaker 
Unique Unity: Okihtcitaw (Enhanced Scout)
Unique Improvement: Mekewap (bonuses on production, resources, food, and gold when built alongside a bonus / luxury resource)
Unique Civilization Ability : Nihithaw (begin the game with an additional trade route, expand dealer Limit along their route)
Unique leader ability: Favorable conditions (alliances grant split visibility, bonus food and gold from established trade routes)


Leaders: Queen Tamar 
Unique Unit: Khevsureti
Unique Enhancement: Tsikhe (Mountain Fortress)
Unique Civilization Ability : Strength Through Unity (Gets the bonus dedication of a normal age at the beginning of a golden age)
Unique Leadership Ability : Splendor of the World, Kingdom, Faith explain after exploring a theological orientation)


Leaders: King Robert I, Robert the Bruce 
Unique Unit: Highlander (replaces the scout)
Unique enhancement: Golf Course (Additional amenities, gold and culture when built next to a city center)
Unique Civilization Ability: Scottish Enlightenment (Happy Cities receive additional science and production )
Unique Leader Skill: Bannockburn (Can declare liberation war after the defensive tactics alignment has been explored, production and movement are increased during the war)


Leader: Lautaro 
Unique Unit: Malon Raider
Unique Improvement: Chemamull (Grants Culture and Later Tourism)
Unique Civilization Ability : Toqui (bonus in fighting against civilizations that are in a golden age)
Unique Leadership: Swift Hawk (defeating an enemy unit in their own area decreases the loyalty of the associated city)


Leader: Shaka 
Unique Unit: Impi (replaces the pikeman)
Unique District: Ikanda (replaces the camp, provides +1 living space, faster construction of corps and armies)
Unique civilization ability : Isibongo (cities with garrison unit get loyalty)
Unique leader ability : Amabutho (hat early access to corps and armies, higher combat strength)

India (new leader)

Leader: Chandragupta Maurya 
Unique Leader Skill : Arthashastra (Receives bonuses on movement and combat strength during an expansion war)


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