Civilization 6 – Great Summer Update released

civilization 6Firaxis Games has released the summer update for Civilization 6. It brings a function desired by many players.

PC gamers can access the now summer update for Civilization 6 access. The corresponding implementations for Linux and Mac follow “soon”.,90858.html

In the official patch notes, the developers particularly highlight an innovation: a restart button to restore the map with the current game settings and the ability to store game settings for future games. Obviously, many players wanted this feature.

Added to this are various balancing optimizations , some adjustments to civilizations, as well as improvements in diplomacy and the behavior of the computer opponents.

Parallel to the free patch, there is also the new paid DLC package with civilization Nubia (Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack) for 4.99 euros. Owners of the “Digital Deluxe Version” get the extension for free.

The extensive patch notes with a complete listing of all changes are available on the official Civilization 6 website.

One of the most important elements of a civilization has always been the many different civilizations that can lead the player through the world history. The individual peoples have their own strengths and weaknesses. Their sometimes funny or charismatic leaders pursue preferred strategies. This even goes so far that the preference of the Indian head of state Mahatma Ghandi for attacks with atomic bombs in Civilization 5 has now become its own Internet meme.

The Civilization Survey

Also in the upcoming Civilization 6 there will be again different peoples. So far, it is not known how many civilizations will be included in the game. The predecessor had over 18 nations to release. The offer was expanded by DLCs and the expansion, however, to a considerable 43 civilizations. Officially, the developers of Firaxis have so far presented four peoples for Civ 6, three more are already known. At this point, we want to give you an overview of all civilizations and will expand the article steadily.


Already before the E3 2016 the Americans were presented as the first people. This time they are led by Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt and no longer George Washington. Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States of America from 1901 to 1909, and was the first
Americans won the Nobel Peace Prize after having been instrumental in the end of the Russian-Japanese War with his diplomatic policy would have. But the founder of Washington is not entirely forgotten. The Americans have the special ability “Founding Fathers”, which shortens the time needed to earn government bonuses.
The American nation is led by Teddy Roosevelt this time. The behavior of the AI ​​leaders in Civ 6, by the way, will be more oriented on their historical precedents.

The Americans have two unique units in Civilization 6. There were on the one hand the Roughriders, the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, founded by Teddy Roosevelt in 1898 for battles in the Spanish-American War. The riders are particularly effective on hills and deserve culture for defeated opponents in their own territory. On the other hand the Americans of the P-51 Mustang Jagdflieger are available, which in the second world war on all American fronts provided for airness. In addition, this civilization can build the film studio as a unique building. This is especially true of the cultural success in which tourism is of paramount importance to the Americans. In addition, leader Roosevelt gives a tourism bonus to national parks.


civilization 6

In the predecessor, Brazil came into play with the expansion Brave New World, in Civilization 6 the South Americans already belong to the basic equipment. Emperor Pedro II, who led his country into modern times in the 19th century. Under his leadership, Brazil experienced a strong increase in population and economic strength. The Emperor used modern infrastructure and built railways, telegraph and telephone networks. Pedro II, however, was also the last emperor of Brazil, who was overthrown by a military attack two years before his death.

In Civilization 6, Pedro II has the special ability “Magnanimous”. This will help you recover some of the cost of buying a great personality. Instead of the entertainment complex, the Brazilians build the unique carnival district. As a unique entity, Brazil has the “Minas Geraes”, a war ship with improved defense and ranged combat values. For the South Americans it is worth to build city districts adjacent to rainforests, which gives them additional bonuses.


The French are also back on board. The small Corse Napoleon Bonaparte from the predecessor has, however, served. Instead, Caterina de ‘Medici sits on the French throne. In 1547, she became the most powerful woman in France. Two years later she took over the government business when the king died unexpectedly and her sons were still young. She is considered the most powerful queen of the 16th century. As a member of the Italian Medici dynasty, Caterina also had great cultural influence in France and is regarded as the mother of French cookery.

In Civilization 6, the French rely on their special “Grand Tour”, which gives them bonuses in the construction of wonders of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Industrial Age. As a unique entity, France sends the Imperial Guard into battle. The musket shields get a bonus when they fight on the continent of their capital, and generate points for a great general by defeated enemies. With the Chateau, the people also have a unique terrain improvement, which can only be built on rivers and provides additional culture. With “Catherine’s Flying Squadron”, the French ruler has a leader who provides additional information about foreign civilizations.



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