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Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines:

Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation. Build and manage your city, your are only limited by your imagination! Buy here! Paradox.

Cities: Skylines tested with video – the new genre reference

10.03.2015 at 15:08 From Finland comes a city-building simulator, the last disappointing Sim City loosely in the pocket. Our test for cities: Skylines shows monumental metropolises and reveals the strengths and (few) weaknesses of the development strategy game from Colossal Order. There is a detailed test video with ten minutes of gameplay scenes.

The new Maxis comes from Finland. Developer Colossal Order has just 13 employees; A fraction of the workforce that Maxis has worked on since 1989 on the Sim City series. But the underdog from Northern Europe succeeds in doing what the Maxis recently closed by Electronic Arts has failed: to develop a worthy successor to twelve-year-old Sim City 4.

Replenishment from the community

In Cities: Skylines, you can be a city planner and mayor for ten cards now – for virtually unlimited supply from the ranks of the fan community is ensured, because the game is a powerful map editor. New objects such as parks or other skins for residential buildings (already seen: medieval half-timbered houses) can be created with a second tool and offered by Steam-Workshop childlike to download or integrate into their own game. A Mod Manager makes it easy to manage the free add-ons, and Colossal Order will continue to expand the scope of the game after release with free patches (already announced: Tunnel) and paid DLCs.

For the release, there is a shortage of (optical) variety, but there are still around 70 building types, such as hospitals, freight stations, garbage dumps, universities or nuclear power plants. The residential, commercial and industrial areas, which have been identified according to the Sim City method and then automatically growing, offer several models for single-family houses, donut shops, skyscrapers and office buildings. Whoever looks closely, however, still discovers some repetitive structure. We were particularly struck by the high density of food trucks on the streets.

Unlike Max’s failed Sim City Reboot (score: 69), you have plenty of room to pitch the metropolis of your dreams out of the ground. Each game starts on a 2×2-kilometer square, while up to eight additional pieces can be purchased in the course of the game. Already one of these rectangles offers felt four times as much space as the shrink cards from Sim City. Overall, each map consists of 25 such squares; With Mods the complete map can be built. The result is truly gigantic cities with up to one million simulated residents at the same time. Their residences and workplaces, unlike the disappointing Sim City, are randomly dumped behind the scenes every few minutes. There are fixed sizes that take into account the realism of Cities: Skylines.

Cities Skylines

A good infrastructure is a key to successful urban development. It is, therefore, all the more pleasing that the construction of transport routes has never been as easy and satisfying as in cities: Skylines. With a series of intuitive tools, straight lines can be just as easy as curves. By pushing the traffic, the traffic aids are growing, with simple mouse movements you plant highways in the landscape or place bridges over rivers and bays. Creative natures can get their hands on the different one-way streets and wide promenades; Cities: Skylines allows the most amazing constructions from mighty highway crossings, including noise barriers, to intertwined suburban snakes.

Road construction is only the beginning, however, before settling in the residential, commercial and industrial zones, which are identified by different brush thicknesses, residents and companies, you must meet the basic needs of running water and electricity. For this, as in Sim City 4, you are shifting high-voltage cables and water pipes – this also flows smoothly and folds with a few clicks. Even genre newcomers have built a city core so quickly. Even if you follow these steps again and again in the later game, one does not pass the joy so quickly thanks to the uncomplicated control and the many construction possibilities.


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