Chinese kill thousands of four-legged for battle

dogs food

In Yulin, South China, the annual “Hundefleisch-Festival” takes place despite growing protests. An estimated 10,000 four-legged animals are to be consumed at the slaughter. Before they land on the plate, they are terribly tormented.

They are small poodle mixes, Labrador puppies, Pekinesen or kittens, which are currently murdered in thousands of people in Yulin, South China. The reason: They land on the plates of those who celebrate a so-called dog-meat festival every year to the summer turn in the province of Guangxi .

YouTube is the scene of videos that document the barbaric preparations for the festival. To dozens, the dogs are pressed into tiny cages, cooked alive, fried, poisoned with cyanide or beaten to death, skinned, hung on hooks and offered at Yulin market. Some chefs specialize in the preparation of dog meat and offer ready meals.dogs food

An estimated 10,000 four-legged animals are to be consumed at the second-day slaughter festival, as Chinese media reported. Many of the four-legged animals are stray. According to Animals Asia, however, animals are also stolen from their owners. Many of the dogs are sick, some have rabies.

The dog food salesmen of Yulin explain that they would kill the animals in a comparatively gentle way. “When you stop eating cattle, we also stop eating dog,” says a festival participant. “It tastes good and is nutritious,” others say. Eating dog food brings happiness, so the widespread fallacy. The consumption of dog meat is permitted in China and has around 500 years of tradition in the region.

Every year, animal rights activists worldwide protest against the cruel torture. But the festival continues.

Also this year, activists blocked streets in the southern Chinese city, liberating dogs and eating cats from slaughterhouses. The 65-year-old Chinese woman Yang Xiaoyun saved the lives of at least one hundred four-legged animals by freeing the animals for around 7000 yuan (1,000 euros) in Yulin.

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