Car on solar energy

Company Sono Motors showed an electric car working on solar energy 


Company Sono Motors from Germany introduced the electric car SION on solar batteries. He is able to cover a distance of 30 km, using only the energy of the sun.

cheap electric car

It will cost 16 thousand euros. The solar car is equipped with two-way charging and integrated solar panels that cover all the open surfaces of the car from the outside – doors, roof, hood.

Using 300 photovoltaic panels, SION can accumulate enough energy, businessgreen reports .

It can be charged like a normal electric car, using a standard outlet. The buyer has the opportunity to purchase a complete battery with the car or rent it monthly from the manufacturer.

 electric car SION on solar batteries

To run the model in the series, the firm needs 5,000 orders. Sono Motors expects to begin supplying Sion in 2019.



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