Websites may vibrate. Unfortunately the interface used for the vibration was almost exclusively used for advertising. Not anymore. Chrome 60 improves the vibration function. We tried it.

Internet advertising has no nice story. Once presented as a reserved banner at the edge of the content, it took up more and more space. For mobile websites, those advertising content are in some cases so badly crafted that they become scareware. Full-screen warnings claim to have found a virus on your device. Just one click on Okay will hide the ad after you visit and leave the site.

With this nonsense is now the end. Chrome in version 60, currently available only as beta, changes the gameplay for vibrant websites. Vibration is a desirable and permissible feature on the web . HTML-based games have the possibility to give you haptic feedback. Unfortunately, this interface is always used by advertising.

chrome 8

Chrome 60 has therefore changed the handling of this interface. Only if you have already touched content on a website, the vibration may be used. On the other hand, a kind of offside rule: If the side vibrate before you have interacted with it, it is prohibited to vibrate. Try it with this test page .

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Second scam of aggressive scareware advertising was that you could not easily leave the burgeoning side. This is based on the JavaScript function beforeunload . This can be useful in preventing your websites from unintentionally leaving uninvited content. Also this function does not work until you have actually used a website. This means that you can always leave a newly opened website reliably by simply tapping the Back button.

These new efforts are also correlated with the recently discovered panic feature , which is a core feature for Android as a core feature. This brings you back to the start screen, if you touch the back button four times in a short sequence. It is not yet clear whether this function will be finalized. But the innovations in the mobile Chrome browser are already an important milestone.

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