Battlecrew Space Pirates – One of our best Gamescom surprises

GameStar Editor Jurgen Stofel has played on the Gamescom Battlecrew Space Pirates. And now he’s a fire and a flame for the 2D shooter, which is a bit like a mix of Overwatch and Broforce.

They love the fast and intuitive gameplay of Overwatch , but do not have a bog on ego shooter? On the other hand, you found the 2D sidescroller Broforce totally cool, but would like more PvP action? Then Battlecrew Space Pirates is just the right game for you, which is basically a 2D overwatch with twisted world champions.

Battlecrew is developed by Dontnod Eleven, which is a new sub-studio of the Life is Strange- Maker, which was called Hesaw before and has now renamed itself because of the close cooperation with the French studio.

And the troll fish that has power fields …

Like a hero shooter, we also choose a unique hero in Battlecrew Space Pirates before each match. So far, there are only four of them, but each member of the rogue quartet is completely different.

Each hero has a standard attack, two normal skills, and an Ultimate ability, which we need to load in the course of the game. The Ultimate then looks really pure, if one tactically wisely. Then it hails grenades, kills all enemies in the vicinity or slows down each opponent.

Each hero has three abilities and a few peculiarities. Catmonster Janger exemplifies how close he is to melee.Each hero has three abilities and a few peculiarities. Catmonster Janger exemplifies how close he is to melee.

The four selectable pirates are now the wild tiger man Janger, the fiercely gun gun John Trigger, the nimble Comet as well as the fishy Tiburon.

The cat system is based on close-combat attacks, John Trigger shoots what’s going on, Comet jumps around and puts bombs and Tiburon can create power fields everywhere, blocking passageways or opening new paths.

Or simply stalk all the other players hard when he locks friend and enemy at the last second the escape routes . That’s why he got the nickname “troll-fish” during our game.

Unrestrained action

As soon as we have chosen our hero and selected one of two game modes (Team Deathmatch and Goldrausch) on the “Tortuga” space station serving as a selection menu,

While Team Deathmatch is the usual shooter fare, Goldrausch is about to fill the pockets with gold on random chests and then deliver that treasure securely in the own safe in the base. When we go hopps on the way, our prey is gone.

Battlecrew Space Pirates is intuitive and is very clear thanks to 2D perspective.Battlecrew Space Pirates is intuitive and is very clear thanks to 2D perspective.

The maps are quite angled but not very large. That’s why we quickly hit our opponents and have to decide quickly whether we can deal with them, or rather we can search the distance and lead the opponent to stupidity.

Because everywhere in the maps are nasty traps and obstacles , some of which we can even activate specifically. For example, a lightning bolt that is installed over a chest and grills all pirates in the target area at the push of a button.

Tactically forward-looking players can have a lot of fun, especially when they play the fish villain Tiburon and use the troll forcefield to prevent their opponents from escaping.

Gamepad beats mouse

Battlecrew Space Pirates is a PC title, but the developers on the GamesCom said clearly: “It’s the most fun with the gamepad!” The controller is still the better choice for the 2D shooter, because that is how we all have it Skills immediately available, can jump quickly and attack as well as with the two analog sticks both run as well as set the attack direction.

All of this is so intuitive and easy to take from the hand that you can quickly get out of the way and get into the fray after a short introduction. Nevertheless, we are curious about whether the team also provides a good mouse and keyboard control until the release.

Battlecrew Space Pirates – Teaser trailer for the multiplayer shooter

In addition, the game is always pretty clear thanks to the 2D view, and we always know where we are and what is going on around us. Battlecrew Space Pirates appears exclusively for the PC via Steam and will soon be available in early access .


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