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Batman Arkham Knight:

Batman Arkham Knight Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for windows. Batman Arkham Knight is an action and adventure game.

Batman: Arkham Knight in the test: Strong final, weak PC port

The dramatic Batman final in the test: All fans of the Dark Knight makes Rocksteady a last big goodbye gift again. Arkham Knight is huge, gripping, excitingly staged – and yet not a game-of-year candidate. Why the last Batman does not quite reach the predecessors and why PC players for the time being peek into the tube, clarifies the spoiler-free test.

Holy Squirrel, Batman! With Arkham Knight, Rocksteady pulls all the stops again and promises no less than the most extensive, beautiful and best game of the entire Batman series. However, Batman: Arkham Knight is undoubtedly the biggest and most spectacular game in the series, but it also brings a few daring innovations. And that can make the game fun.

Whirling around the PC version: What happened?
While the PS4 version of Batman: Arkham Knight makes a great impression, the PC version provides frustration: Thousands of players complained about massive performance breaks and compared to the console version stripped down graphics. The complaints went so far that Warner Bros. was forced to a drastic step: the sale of the PC version was discontinued, for the time being, dissatisfied buyers can demand back their money via Steam. The developers of Rocksteady (and the co-responsible studio Iron Galaxy) want to get enough time to optimize the PC version again. In the fall, a more beautiful, error-free implementation will appear, which we will then examine and evaluate. Update: On 4 September a big patch already appeared, which significantly improved the PC version – but the sales stop still applies. You can find more information about the PC version on the third page in this test!

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Arkham Knight: Spectacular Gotham City

Whoever owns the PS4 or Xbox One version (or at least lucky enough to enjoy the PC version smoothly) has a noble action-adventure with which Rocksteady decides in a grand style from the Dark Knight, Arkham Knight is nine months after Arkham City and is clear to connoisseurs of the series. Events from the predecessors (including Arkham Origins) are picked up without explanations, as well as tried and tested game mechanics and gadgets without a more precise introduction – tricky for newcomers, professionals feel immediately at home. As the game is about to complete the Arkham series, the developers are back on the scene: Gotham City is threatened by two super-scoundrels, the poison gas lunchtime Scarecrow and the new, mysterious Arkham Knight, who is the city with an army of soldiers and combat drones His stranglehold. At the beginning, Gotham City is evacuated, so that only a few police battles can be found on the streets, and there is no lively NPC city. The design is completely new: If the predecessors were deliberately cold and gray, the new game world is not only bigger but more colorful. The three Gothams, which we are allowed to explore freely, are bursting with colorful advertisements and colorful light sources that reflect themselves in the wet asphalt, giving the gloomy events a brighter look.


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Batman Arkham Knight

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