Apex Legends Dragons | Loots | Steal Friends Items | Season 2

Apex Legends Dragons | Loots | Steal Friends Items | Season 2

Apex Legends Dragons | Loots | Steal Friends Items | Season 2

Apex Legends Dragons Stealing Loots: After the Leviathans, the planes now come in Apex Legends. And they even change the Gameplay.

For quite a while, the dragons are being teased by Apex Legends. Now there is a surprise: instead of coming up in Season 2, you’ll meet the flying creatures in the game right now. And instead of attacking you can use them in combat and get items from them.

How do the Apex Legends dragons work?

Where can you find the planes? 

Small groups of creatures spawn throughout the Kings Gorge. You can always recognize her by her distinctive scream. As long as they stay undisturbed, the animals simply fly in a circle. But once you attack them, they try to gain height and escape from you. Like your enemies, you can also ping the fliers of your teammates.

What do the dragons change in the game? 

The new creatures are completely peaceful and do not attack you. However, they always carry around a Lootbox with them. If you shoot a kite, it drops it. In it, you will find randomly generated loot, which can even be of legendary quality.

The winged colleagues are currently a rarity.

Do not they just work like supply drops? 

Loot from the sky knows Apex players already in the form of supply shedding. However, the dragons differ gameplay mechanics from these. First of all, you have to shoot them to get your items. And that can make enemies aware of you. But you do not see the fliers on the map.

Can you ride the flyers? 

The interaction with the creatures is limited: you can not ride them on them. But Pathfinder can use his gryphon hook on the winged animals. Used skillfully, you can also reach higher places or surprise your enemies in combat.

What Dragon Flyers Do in Apex Legends!

Is there anything else going on with Season 2?

It is possible that Respawn Entertainment might change the behaviour of the airmen in Season 2. In Titanfall, for example, the beasts were anything but peaceful and attacked you. Not even in front of whole landing ships they stopped.

It is quite possible that they will attack in Apex Legends as well. With the coming Leviathans approaching King’s Canyon, you may also be able to better recognize the spawns of the dragons. Because usually they always stay close to these giants.

Coming, next Prowler? 

Also anchored in the lore is that the dragons occasionally hunt for Prowler, another alien species. These are Tiger-like creatures you first met in Titanfall 2. It is quite possible that they will also get a performance in Apex Legends.

The second season of Apex Legends is scheduled to start on July 2, 2019. Then you can play the new legend Wattson and use another weapon with the L-Star.


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