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anno 2070

Anno 2070 – Complete Edition

Welcome to your future!


It is 2070. The world as we know it no longer exists. The pool caps have melted, the sea level has risen and climate change has had an irreversible effect on our society … ANNO 2070 combines the best elements of this award winning strategy series with a real future image of the earth. Discover the most extensive part of the ANNO series ever, focusing on raw materials processing, engaging in diplomatic relations and trade. Do you opt for the green, environmentally friendly world of the Ecos, or just for the Tycoons industrial mass production? The choice is yours!


Deep Blue Sea add-on


anno 2070 complete edition

Humanity is on its way to a better future. The Techs reveal an alternative source of energy, hidden for years in the depths of the ocean. This energy source connects industrial and economic growth. Unleash its power to discover the wonders of the ocean. Which path do you choose to determine your future?


– Create the city you’ve always dreamed of!

– Determine how your future metropolis looks and what economic tools are important.

– You are responsible for your future! Choose for an industrial superpower or an ecological world enhancer and solve the future issues, such as oil fires.

– Find your way in the dynamic world that responds to your actions! The natural phenomena of your island will respond to pollution and contamination of the environment.

– New technologies – Use brand-new Genius technologies and create energy to maintain your city.

– Discover the ocean – Develop new production methods and benefit from new trading routes.

– Create your city – Use the Techs knowledge to build futuristic cities with 30 new buildings and a Tech monument.

– Bundle your strengths with your friends in online coop mode and proud natural disasters such as the Tsunami.


The Complete Edition includes:

– The original ANNO 2070 game

– Anno 2070 – Deep Ocean expansion

– The complete game and expansion soundtrack

– The 3 previously released DLC packages

– An updated tech tree poster


Minimum System Requirements / Minimum System Requirements:

– Windows XP / Vista / 7

– Intel Pentium DualCore 2GHz or similar


– 512MB DirectX 9.0c, Shaders 3.0 compatible video card

– DVD-ROM drive (for installation only)

– 5GB of free space

– Internet connection.



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