Agents of Mayhem day one edition pc download

Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem Day One Edition!

Day One Edition includes:

Agents of Mayhem

Discover a great new comic hero universe featuring unforgettable characters from the Saints Row series creators. In this brand new open world show, MAYHEM’s agents oppose the sinister forces of LEGION


Meet the Agents or MAYHEM (the Multinational Agency for Hunting Evil Masterminds) – a splendid gang of unique Super Agents with various forces gathered from around the world to wreck the destructive plans of the League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Nations).


The evolution of Saints Row

Agents of Mayhem is a full game in heart and kidney, with an original story, the characteristic over-the-top open-world gameplay, and the look and feel of a special superhero cosmos. This new IP is part of the Saints Row universe, which means that certain narrative elements, symbols and designs match those of the multi-million selling franchise. Agents of Mayhem represent the sum of more than 10 years of creative experience with open world games, building on the unique skills of the AAA Studio Volition to reward, surprise, and entertain players.


Leave MAYHEM on the city

With a massive global attack, LEGION has occupied all nations on earth. The only one she can stop is MAYHEM. On command of the equally mysterious direct Persephone Brimstone, Mayhem’s elite Super Agents gather in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Under the leadership of LEGION Minister Doctor Babylon and his devil lieutenants, tricky plans are put into operation to build a world-changing device that will give the supercharger organization unprecedented power. To stop LEGION and release the world, the Agents of Mayhem must move over land and roofs of a vast urban battlefield and work together as a true superhero team to stop LEGION costs. Success is far from guaranteed and the city will certainly do some damage, but the agents are not awake …


Experience an open world Seoul

The technologically advanced capital of South Korea is your playground to tackle LEGION. Discover secret research centers spread across Seoul, hidden enemy bunkers, evil plots to unravel. Take the fight with LEGION in a wide selection of Open World missions and side quests, and defeat giant doomsday weapons! Explore the city on foot or in vehicles and drive a way through both the vertically and horizontally built environments.


  • A group of 12 antiheroes, one by one, weird characters … and that’s just the good guys
  • A handmade open world with more fun per square meter than Las Vegas. This is the real Seoul!
  • Create a team of 3 MAYHEM agents together and switch between these characters during the missions
  • Adjust the skills of your Agents and upgrade their weapons, gadgets, and vehicles arsenal
  • Upgrade the Ark, MAYHEM’s base and play additional gameplay opportunities
  • Inspired by super heroes, comics and cartoons of the present and the past
  • Over the top action combined with a ‘comic’ graphic style and the characteristic humor of the Saints Row games
  • The gameplay like single Volition that develops is brought to a completely new universe.


The expected release date for agents of mayhem day one edition is 18/08/2017



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Author: Gary Mueller