As you know, mostly we all love extraordinary nature in all its colors and shapes. After all, what better way to rest after a strenuous hike on a turquoise, clear mountain lake and keep your feet cool? Dear friends, I would like to introduce you today the most beautiful mountain lakes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol.


“Hiking is the miller’s delight …!” With one or the other, this song evokes evil childhood memories. Have not we hated it as a child to walk with the family? But hiking is always in the trend : wonderful mountain panoramas away from civilization, fresh country air and rustic mountain huts. Is not it often that we learn to love some things that we hated in the past? In order to give you a full taste of hiking, I would like to serve you today with a very special mountain delicacy: the five most impressive mountain lakes in the Alps!


Braies of the Dolomites

most beautiful lake

The Pragser Wildsee has a unique location in the midst of the Dolomites in South Tyrol and lies at an altitude of 1469 meters above sea level. From the resort town of Pustertal you can reach the mountain lake by car or after a nice hike. You are already on the shore of the deep blue lake!

Enjoy the breathtaking backdrop of a rowing tour across the lake. The courageous among you can take a leap into the cold. Caution: cold! On the south bank of the lake, at the small bathing beach, the intense hay sun re-warms you up again. The best view of the “pearl of the Dolomites” you have a small hike around the lake. It takes more than an hour and is also a great excursion destination for families. If you are looking for a real mountain biking in the area after a leisurely walk, the lake is the perfect starting point.
Lake Braies (Pragersee) in South Tyrol in Summer


Beautiful Lake of Germany – Lake Königssee

one of the beautiful lakes
Hidden in our southern state of Bavaria, lies the beautiful Königssee in the midst of the steep mountains of the Bechtesgaden Alps. The lake immediately fascinated me with its emerald green color and idyllic landscape and is even considered one of the cleanest lakes in Germany.

Schippert with the Königsseeflotte to the small island of St. Bartholomew with its baroque pilgrimage church and looks at the reflection of the mighty Watzmann on the smooth water surface. This gives you the chance to listen to the famous echo of the king with your own ears: The trumpet echo echoes seven times in the rock walls and mountain gorges. Even in high summer, the fjord-like lake with a maximum depth of 192 meters remains really cold. Perfect for a cooling off after a hike on the popular Watzmann mountain climbers. My little travel tip: The Königsee is also worth a trip in the winter. If the lake is surrounded by snowy mountains, you can ski over the slopes in the nearby ski area.


Mountain lake Eibsee at the foot of the Zugspitze

mountain lake
At the foot of the Zugspitze at an altitude of 1000 meters lies the beautiful mountain lake hidden in thickly wooded hills. If you are on holiday in the region of the highest mountain Germany, a trip to the Eibsee is definitely a highlight! Take a small cruise with the motor boat, which is lovingly called “Reserl” by the locals, or walk around the lake on foot. The turquoise-tinted lake, with its small eight islands, has its name by the yeasts, which were formerly widespread around the lake. Nowadays the trees are only isolated around the lake and in the surrounding forests. Overnight in the Eibsee-Hotel directly at the lake and enjoy the breakfast with the morning over the crystal clear natural wonder.


The Jewel in Carinthia: Lake Millstatt

The Millstätter lake is slightly different from the mountain lakes, which I have already presented to you, he is in a sprawling valley and is the tourist center of the region. This does not mean that it is overrun. In the villages right by the lake, you can spend a relaxing holiday in front of the mountain scenery. Whether sunbathing on the shore, hiking or biking – each of you will feel at home in the crystal clear lake in Carinthia! While hiking through the lush nature you have a great view of the Millstätter crystal in the valley. Walk with your dearest along the way of love ! On the descent, you can strengthen yourself in one of the many alpine pastures with a delicious Bretteljause.


Riffelsee in front of the Matterhorn

most beautiful mountain lake in the world
Here you can see the photo of the extra class: the impressive Riffelsee is the distinctive peak of the Matterhorn as a mirror on its water surface. At the top of the mountain, the mountain lake is quietly a bit off the great hiking trails of Zermatt. Run along the Riffelseeweg and snap before the impressive backdrop. Depending on the season you can observe rare alpine flowers or even stone blocks.



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