5 lightweight games to come out in August

Out-of-stream games or indie games It is another type of game. Offers exotic style of play. The players are thrilled with the unique playing system. Ready to play fun to play first. Make no small group of people keep track of news outside the stream all the time. There are many games I have thought. “Not worth the money”, but there are a lot of feelings. “Worth the money really wasted” and this month has a new game out. Interesting 5 games to have a game to see it.

Immortal Planet

Immortal Planet is an indie RPG action game where the player is given the role of an Awake walker, who wakes up from a long sleep and travels on a forgotten planet. Cold to find missing memories. The player must be on the adventure and find a way out of this star. Before the unexpected, The game will have a fighting system like a regular game and have facilities such as items and brutal skills. But if you walk your teeth regularly, it will look basic because of Stamina values both light teeth/skill or manoeuvre. So the game allows the player to manage the status of the restoration of Stamina or Option Item.The player must be aware of the enemy and must avoid or prevent the rhythm. Because otherwise, life may be quite possible.

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Solstice Chronicles: MIA

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is an action-packed action shooter with a top view that says that there is a lot of Doom (but not bloody) to play as an officer to face. A strange event on Mars station when many monsters pop up. The only function a player has to do is. Get rid of them Not even one. (E … It’s like a game …) The game has a combination of the basic features of the shooter and the control mechanism of the game. Twin stick shooters that focus on the type of death that hit. Equipped with weapons that will be familiar as well, such as shotguns, machine guns, fire guns or guns with brutal with funny jokes. To give players access to the content of the game seamlessly.

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The Low Road

The Low Road is a Point & Click puzzles game where players play undercover spies named Noomi, who is assigned to join the espionage mission. (Spy or information) to solve the case to clarify. Players will meet. Puzzle solving A lot of styles Both the secret code The importance of the dialogue of each character. (The player must have intermediate English skills because the game is quite content.) Impersonation to elicit information. Or even dangerous to bring the secret to reveal the case. The game has 2D art graphics that look comfortable and easy access. Plus a retro police style atmosphere.

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Goken was the work of Giant Japanese development team line Open-World RPG Top view of a semi-three-dimensional. Players will play Legendary sword (We can name our own) to wake up from the sleep to 5,000 years to travel to defeat the devil, causing disorder to the villagers in various places. The game is like a general RPG game to hit the monster level quest, but the game will give you the freedom to explore a variety of areas. And hit the monster and boss. We will have to catch the attack. Because we will have a Stamina (fatigue) in each attack, the more you use Stamina, the faster you will be. Although the game is in Early Access, developers will gradually update the content.

Goken Download

Evil Genome

Evil Genome is a mixed action Metroidvania game. (All areas are interconnected.) The 2.5-dimensional side view will be played by Lachesis, a young warrior who loses his memory. When transport vehicles were attacked on the way. Traveling to collect data to recover the memory back. The game is a fast action game. Combat and continuous combos. High freedom for creating attacks. What kind of fight will we fight for? Both use special skills. Finding items to upgrade weapons or life force. With a holistic look at the game has a Japanese-like game feel (I do not think the game NieR: Automata come up), would not quite like the game.

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