Atlus Reveals New Persona Dancing Trailers Staring Haru & Ken


The twin rhythm games from Atlus, Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night, have yet to receive western release dates. However, it’s a matter of time before Atlus wants to milk their franchises dry across the pond, so…

Nintendo Bringing Dark Souls Remastered To PAX East 2018

Capcom To Launch 2.01 Update To Monster Hunter World Next Week


Coming for the first week of April, Monster Hunters of the world can rejoice that Capcom is fixing some of the pervasive bugs in Monster Hunter World, and sneaking in a couple of Quality of Life improvements too. Revealed by Capcom earlier,…

Knitting machines power up with computer-generated patterns for 3D shapes


At last, a use for that industrial knitting machine you bought at a yard sale! Carnegie Mellon researchers have created a method that generates knitting patterns for arbitrary 3D shapes, opening the possibility of “on-demand knitting.” Think 3D printing, but softer. The…