Monster Hunter: World Late PC Release | Harmful to Total Sales

Monster Hunter: World Late PC Release | Harmful to Total Sales

Monster Hunter: World Late PC Release | Harmful to Total Sales

An analyst from market research firm SuperData expects Monster’s Hunter: World’s PC-delayed PC release to hurt the game’s overall sales. With the release of the PC version, players would have too many other titles to choose from, according to the analyst, who underpins his forecast with two examples from the industry.

Just one more time to sleep, then the time has come: With Monster Hunter: World ( buy now for € 67.99 ) , the first offshoot of the well-regarded Monster Hunter series will be released on January 26, 2018, tailor-made for Western preferences. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One anyway. For while Nintendo Switch users seem to have to do without , the PC implementation of the title is expected to appear only in the fall of this year. A fact that is likely to hurt overall sales, as potential buyers will have more to choose from at this point.

In any case, SuperData analyst Carter Rogers, whose prediction is based on past experience, said: ” Nioh was released for consoles in February 2017 and for the PC in November 2017. First-month PC player numbers were only 28 percent of first-month console numbers.” Rogers argues. “In contrast, the PC version of Dark Souls 3 appeared a few weeks after the console version in early 2016. The PC player numbers corresponded to 40 percent of the numbers on the consoles.”

Based on search queries and trailer clicks, SuperData is currently running roughly 300,000 to 600,000 digital sales of Monster Hunter: World in the first month, which would be quite a respectable number for a series of games still considered a niche outside of Japan. With more tutorials, a less steep learning curve and stronger accents on open-world gameplay, developer and publisher Capcom is increasingly targeting the Western market this time. For a taste, check out our preview article on Monster Hunter: World .

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