Yakuza Kiwami PS4 Review & Gameplay

Yakuza Kiwami PS4 Review & Gameplay

Yakuza Kiwami

Twelve years ago, the PS2 was awarded Yakuza, the first spiritual successor to SEGA’s Shenmue. The game was quite unique with its own style, story and setting. The deep and intimate view of Japanese culture has gained many Western fans over the years. But those fans have never really been easy because the release of the games in the West can take longer due to the mandatory location. Some Yakuza games from the PS3 era have never been brought to the West because of the high cost. But do not be sad! SEGA heard the flair of the fans and released Yakuza 0 in early 2017, the first boost to the franchise resurgence in the West. Yakuza 0 was a fresh start to the game series due to its unique combination of awesome Japanese humour and integer drama.

Respect the remake

“Kiwami” means “Extreme” in Japanese and this remake takes this term seriously. Yakuza Kiwami is more than a remake of the very first Yakuza in 2005. Remember that the game came with a top cast Hollywood actors and accompanying – with good intentions but eventually horrific dubbing. The new game will be treated with respect: Original Spoken Language, Excellent Localization Translation, Improved Missionary Structure; And all at a 1080p resolution with 60fps on PlayStation 4. It’s this dedication that fans will not convince fans to take a dip in the Japanese setting.

Streets of Rage is back

Players familiar with the formula know that Yakuza attaches great importance to the street fighting between the Yakuza. Genuine Yakuza are firearms. A man kills you with your bare hands or a baseball bat. The fast and brutal hand fighting of Yakuza 0 forms the basis of Kiwami. As an improvement, Kiryu can switch faster between the different fighting styles and execute excessive combos.

Majima vs. Kiryu: Arch River

The story of Kiwami revolves around the rivalry between Kiryu and his arch enemy Majima. In Yakuza 0, the manic psychopath Majima has conquered our heart as a playable character, but in Kiwami he makes a surprising story by jumping Kiryu into the most inappropriate moments. Majima is always on the verge (maybe he is Nemesis from Resident Evil 3?). You will walk through the streets of Kamurocho where he will surprise you unexpectedly to make life difficult. Another part that is crucial in the Yakuza game series are the countless sub stories! These short story lines are often emotionally loaded and bring Tokyo to life.

  • Extremely remake! Enhanced 1080p with 60fps graphics for smooth and smooth gameplay.
  • All original Japanese audio was re-recorded by the original cast. Forget the dumped version of 2005!
  • 30 minutes of new movie clips that deepen the story and link to Yakuza 0.
  • Fighting remains an important pillar in the game series and the smooth fighting from Yakuza returns 0 with a refined combo system.
  • Majima is your arch enemy! He will suit you and attack yourself and challenge you to a fight!
  • Substories! In the PS2 game, it was difficult to find the sub stories. In Yakuza Kiwami, developers are streamlining the obscure missions so you can find and accomplish them more easily.
  • Numerous new activities like Pocket Circuit Car Racing, MesuKing: Battle Bug Beauties, new hostesses and much more …

Yakuza Kiwami Gameplay


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