Xiaomi beat Apple

apple vs xiaomi

Xiaomi beat Apple on sales of portable electronics


Xiaomi beat iphone in all portable electronic

Thirty million Apple Watch, implemented by a company from Cupertino to date, was not enough to become a leader in the market of portable electronics. This conclusion was reached by analysts of the consulting firm Strategy Analytics, comparing the successes of Apple and Xiaomi .


According to the study, in the second quarter of 2017, Xiaomi managed to realize 3.7 million devices, while Apple accounted for only 2.8 million copies. Between them is the notorious Fitbit, which sold 3.4 million devices.

The high demand for fitness bracelets allowed Xiaomi to occupy more than 17% of the wearable electronics market against 15% a year earlier. Such success analysts explain the availability of proprietary equipment, as well as the loss of their positions by the company Fitbit, whose share in the past year fell by almost half.

Relatively weak sales of Apple Watch market researchers attributed to the high price, which is little correlated with the functionality of the watch. Many of the shortcomings of the current Apple Watch model, however, will be fixed in the third version. Otherwise, experts say, Apple risks losing this market.



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