Xbox One X – Console, Game Pass & Mixer to increase sales

Xbox One X – Console, Game Pass & Mixer to increase sales

Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood was extremely pleased and optimistic at Microsoft’s recent financial and investor conference. Not only Mixer and the Xbox Game Pass shows her “promising, first results”, but overall, one expects an increase in sales .

She speaks of “sustained, healthy growth,” which could be predicted not least because of the upcoming Xbox One X launch .

According to CEO Satya Nadella, one of the biggest changes in the gaming industry has been Xbox Live’s triumph. Thanks to Minecraft , the network has spread not only on the PC and the Xbox, but also on mobile devices.

The Xbox Game Pass had a “very good start” and once again there was talk of a “Netflix for games” that could ideally use the users at some point on all their devices.

In addition, Microsoft has high hopes to be able to expand even wider and to develop new usage scenarios:

“That means fundamentally rethinking how we measure progress in gaming, and as we continue to innovate across console, PC, and live services, we also see additional opportunities in eSports and streaming, with 20% reflecting software growth in this quarter.” and Services revenues the early stage of the potential of this larger opportunity. ”

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