WoW – Battle for Azeroth: Add-on brings new playable characters

WoW – Battle for Azeroth: Add-on brings new playable characters

Blizzard opens a new chapter in the “World of Warcraft” universe and announces the seventh add-on “Battle for Azeroth”. The information!

As part of the Blizzcon in-house show, Blizzard opened the curtain for a new “World of Warcraft” add-on. The now seventh expansion for the cult MMO is titled “Battle for Azeroth” and has six sub-races as new playable characters in tow. Against the background of a new war, three peoples each join the rival factions of the Alliance and the Horde. The are available with the new add-on as playable characters. On the side of the Alliance, the empty elves, the light-forged draenei and the dark iron dwarves join in the game figures.

Character boost possible

On the other hand, the Horde sees the Nightborn, the High Mountain Tauren, and the Zandalar Trolls. The characters of the new sub-races start at level 20 and must first be unlocked by completing a quest line with their main character. There are no details yet. The new characters can be optionally brought by character boost to level 110 . However, Blizzard does not recommend this approach, as players would miss the associated story and a special set of traditional equipment.

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