Wolfenstein 2 in review: A shooter of a very special kind

Wolfenstein 2 in review: A shooter of a very special kind

After MachineGames and Bethesda Softworks announced in the course of E3 2017 that they wanted to launch “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus” at the end of October this year, the fans were very happy. Already three years ago, the first part “Wolfenstein: The New Order” convinced the press as well as players. Accordingly, the expectations of the new spin-off are high. If “Wolfenstein 2” does justice to this and how we liked the shooter, you will find out in our review.

The enemy: the regime

“Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus” seamlessly follows the story of its predecessor. Explicit background knowledge from the first part is not mandatory, as we get a brief ten-minute summary of the previous events at the beginning of the game. With “Wolfenstein 2” we return again to the alternative world of the 1960s, in which the regime has complete control of America. At our side: BJ Blazkowicz or better known as “Terror Billy”, a resistance fighter who, together with the “Wiesenauer Kreis”, wants to bring down the unscrupulous and above all cruel regime. But easier said than done: Blazkowic is mentally and physically battered. His legs no longer carry him, he is disoriented and, to make matters worse, traumatic childhood memories play badly with him.

Despite this predicament, our protagonist can not get down and tells the regime to fight. “Wolfenstein 2” turns out to be very emotional and brutal in the first few minutes. Add to that the various allusions as well as jokes that give the game a certain charm. A little side note at the end: In the German version of Wolfenstein 2 all references to the Third Reich and all unconstitutional symbols were removed. Despite this “censorship”, the game loses neither atmosphere nor tension.

The pure mess

Wolfenstein ist ein knallharter Shooter. Bereits die mittlere Stufe verspricht gnadenlose Action. Vor allem Shooter-Anfänger sollten sich hier langsam heran tasten, denn das Sterben ist hier kein Ausnahmefall. Solltet euch dennoch an einem Level die Zähne ausbeißen, dann könnt ihr während des Spielens den Schwierigkeitsgrad ändern ohne den weiteren Spielverlauf zu beeinflussen. Darüber hinaus ist es jederzeit möglich selber zu speichern. Als Hub-Bereich für Haupt- und Nebenmissionen dient das gekaperte U-Boot ,,Hammerfaust“.

To the ever depressing atmosphere, especially the different scenes such. B the Manhattan destroyed by a nuclear explosion or the forgotten New Orleans. But also antagonist angel is an absolutely megalomaniac and totally brutal general of the regime, which tries to enforce their will at any price. She is every means right. But even with the normal foot soldiers is not to joke, let alone with the huge combat robots.

As can already be seen from the title, “Wolfenstein 2” stands out clearly from its competitors. Because you have deliberately waived an online multiplayer. Instead, the game focuses entirely on the story of the single-player campaign where emotions, brisk humor and brutality come to the fore. And that’s exactly what the guys at MachineGames did. In addition, also eliminates open-world elements.

Action until the last second

At the beginning of the game, we first rely on a wheelchair. With these we have to compete against the army on the march. But in the further course of the game, we then climb into an exo-skeleton, so that we can finally stand on both legs and walk. From there it gets really going: In addition to the ambidextrous shooting with rifles, you can create doors and of course opponents with a massive laser power plant from the neck.

Clearly, there is no saving on blood: whether it be a hatchet or the ordinary rifle, your opponent’s blood spurts like a fountain. With a big jump we can break the ground in certain places, to get to the next sections. If a frontal attack is not an option, then you can ambush your enemies as well. However, you should be very careful here, because the soldiers are very attentive.

If you get caught, then you can prepare for a fierce battle, which often leads to death. In addition, the health regenerates to a degree, then you depend on medicine packs. All in all, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus “plays very well: The shooting is very smooth and you are quite fast on the road.

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