Wild West Online: Early Access phase will start soon

Wild West Online: Early Access phase will start soon

The game that many have thought of as Red Dead Redemption 2 finally has a first release date. At least the early access phase of Wild West Online will start soon. What you need to know about and what awaits you in the Open World Western, you’ll find out in the news.

When the first rumors about Red Dead Redemption 2 arose on the net, a screenshot was already traded for the upcoming epic of Rockstar Games. Wrong, as it turned out later. Because the developers at 612 Games had their own project in the pipeline with Wild West Online, which beats right in the middle of the Wild West. Now the first phase of development is coming to an end. Wild West Online will get a first early access phase in a few days.

From 15 November 2017, Wild West Online will be available for download via Steam. Although it’s still in development, there are already 100 quests, numerous locations, 20 historically accurate weapons, and an upgrade system for your horse. Then join in fighting against other players and some events for the future. If you now get an itch in your fingers, you can easily get into Wild West Online.

The early-access version of Wild West Online will initially cost 29.99 euros . Who wants to invest more, can also buy packages at just under 50 and 80 euros. These will then include additional slots for your inventory, treasure maps or even your own piece of Wild West land.

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